United Airlines - Extremely rude and unfair treatment of flight attendant

Posted on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 at 11:04pm CDT by 25b122a7

Company: United Airlines

Location: US

URL: www.united.com

Category: Airlines

One of United's flight attendants treated me EXTREMELY RUDELY. As soon as I boarded the aircraft at Frankfurt, I wanted to take a photo of the cabin because it was my first time on a Boeing 777. I was at seat 31 B. There was a female flight attendant standing behind seat 30D. When I took out my camera on my seat, the boarding was still going on, and the aircraft was in parked position with its doors open. The female flight attendant behind seat 30D saw my camera, and before I could take a picture, she suddenly LITERATELY YELLED at me in an EXTREMELY INSULTING WAY among all other passengers. Yes, I am not exaggerating. She BLATANTLY YELLED at me for like 30 seconds. So I put away my camera, did not take a photo and did not respond to her (The passengers at seats 30A and 30B also saw her very rude and insulting attitude, and they said to me that the flight attendant was VERY MEAN). I did not know it was forbidden to take a photo because noone had said to us anything about it and there was no sign of it (the only sign that I saw said it was forbidden to take pictures and use electronic devices during taxiing, take-off, landing, but not when boarding is going on) So there was no way I could have known about it. I respect United's rules, so if I had known it, I would not have taken out my camera. But why did the flight attendant LITERALLY YELL at me and INSULTED me seriously among all passengers and HUMILIATED me? A minute later, I went to the flight attendant and very politely said to her: "I am sorry. I did not know about this rule, but your attitude was wrong. You could have warned me without yelling at me". When I said this, she raised her voice and said very rudely to me "Don't tell me anything about my attitude!!!" So I did not respond and went back to my seat. A minute later, another female flight attendant was passing by, I think her name was Linda (I saw her name tag). I told her about how the other flight attendant had yelled at me and insulted me. Then I asked for the name of the flight attendant who yelled at me because I wanted to file a complaint. She told me to look at her name tag. A couple minutes later, the rude flight attendant who had yelled at me passed by my seat, and I very kindly asked her name. You know how she responded to me ? She exactly said "I gave up my name!", which was extremely disrespectful. Besides, I noticed that she had REMOVED her name tag from her uniform!! So I could not have her name. If I see her photo, I can recognize her. She had brown hair, and it was fairly long. So I would like to ask United: * Even though I did not do anything dangerous or bad, even though I was always polite and kind, is it still OK for a flight attendant to BLATANTLY YELL at me, INSULT me and HUMILIATE me among some other passengers? * Is it OK for a flight attendant to respond VERY RUDELY to me when I politely wanted to tell her that her attitude was wrong? * Is it OK for flight attendant to REMOVE her name tag and CONCEAL her name when I asked for her name to file a complaint? * I am a Star Alliance Silver Member. Would United associate such an experience with Star Alliance "Quality"? * Did I choose and pay to United to be yelled at and humiliated by an extremely rude flight attendant? What happened to me was EXTREMELY UNACCEPTABLE. Even though United may apologize to me, it will not compensate for the horrible and insulting experience that I had. If you think I am exaggerating this, you can get the testimony of the passengers in seat numbers 30A and 30B and they can verify how extremely mean the flight attendant had been to me.


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