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Posted on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 11:16pm CDT by Sibil A.

Product: imported jordan almonds


Location: 19 Saxton Road


Category: Food

On August 29th, I placed an order for confetti Amorini hearts in ivory and silver and 8 lbs of imported ivory jordan almonds. Similar to other's the only confirmation of the order I received was a payment notification from Pay Pal and my credit card was charged immediately. A week went by and I sent an inquiry via e-mail and received a prompt reply and a few days later a shipment notification that the order was in the mail and scheduled to arrive on September 11th. When the order arrived, I noticed the products in the box were not what I had ordered, the ivory amorini confetti hearts were partially substituted with the larger white hearts and the ivory imported jordan almonds were substituted with an inferior grade at a price difference of at least $6/lb. I called the company and after a few attempts spoke to a representative (maybe the owner?) who informed me that the imported almonds were held up in customs so they substituted. I expressed my disappointment in not receiving proper notification or a price adjustment, he was apologetic and said he would let me keep the amorini hearts and gave me a partial refund. he also informed me that the ivory Jordan Almonds were held up in customs but he had the white imported almonds in stock and could overnight them to ensure delivery by the event date. As far as I was concerned the issue was resolved. When the white almonds arrived, once again they were not the imported almonds at $12.99/lb, instead they were the "super fine" quality at $6.97/lb. with the event a day away, I kept and used the almonds. After the event I contacted the company to once again express my disappointment and perception of fraudulent conduct, the "customer service rep" Susan got very defensive and kept defending the quality of the almonds her company did send. Never once acknowledged that what occured was wrong and fraudelent, instead she was curt and accusatory in her tone. I am scheduled to get a partial refund for the difference, however, had I not noticed that the almonds that arrived were not what I had ordered, I would have paid the price of imported almonds for the inferior quality I received. Bait and switch or just hopeful the customer would not notice the difference? If you decide to order from this company, make sure what you get is what you actually paid for.


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