Tracfone - Tracfone International Long Distance not to all cities

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 6:15pm CDT by Norm T.

Product: Tracfone International Long Distance

Company: Tracfone

Location: US


Category: Telecommunications

Although their website ( states:

"International Destinations include cities within the countries listed below. " and Belgium (32) is one of those countries listed you cannot make calls to landline telephones in city code 71 (Charleroi). I have been through repeated calls to Customer Service (Ghana and corporate) and have been simply told that we do not provide service to that city code. (There may be others but that is one of the ones that I want to call) I filed a complaint with the BBB Miami and today a rep from Tracfone called me back to confirm that they do not provide service to City code 71 in Belgium, probably the second largest population area in Belgium. When questioned why she simply stated their carrier did not provide it. When questioned about the website statement, she stated she would let management know. I asked for a refund and she would only refund the last $20 card (120 minutes) when I have 241 minutes left on the phone.

Everyone need to be aware that when Tracfone says "cities within a country" they don't necessarily mean all cities.

I would not recommend Tracfone to anyone and when I burn up these minutes I am going to another carrier.


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