AAA - AAA Lies

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 8:57am CDT by Jackie P.

Company: AAA

Location: BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93308, US

Category: Products, Services

I have had AAA Insuance for 9 years. I had a bill due Aug 1st, and added a car Aug 5th, in the past AAA's employee told me a new bill would be issued. While out of town they sent a cancellation for non payment that cancelled Aug 23rd at 12:01am, I found the cancellation notice and called to make a payment at 5pm on Aug 23rd. When I called I was very concened about the cancellation notice. The person on the phone told me it was getting READY to cancel and all I needed to do was make a payment and I was fine! Of course my son got in an accident that day. When I filled a claim they gave me a claim number and never said there was an issue. A week later the claim rep acted like everything was fine, until I asked her what I needed to do about our car. She then said there was a 17hour lapse in my policy. I spoke to a supervisor, who asked me to have my son make a statement regarding the accident. Told him not until the insurance cancellation issue was resolved. That same day they called my sons high school asking to speak to him, I know the person that answers the phone. AAA denies calling his school. They also disagree with what I said the man told me when I made the payment , but wont forward the recording to me. I am shocked by AAA's behavior. They didnt call me or email me to say Mam you have been a member for 9 years and your policy needs a payment..... nor did they ask for the payment when I added the car..............instead they tried to sell me homeowners insurance.


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