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Posted on Sunday, September 15th, 2013 at 6:19pm CDT by ba3ae4fe

Company: 1st Choice Home Services

Location: 2956 N Stage Plaza

URL: 1stchoiceus.com

Category: Online Scams

I ordered a groupon ( an on line service for deals in your area) for a air duct cleaning service. I am new to the state and did not know a company to use, someone told me about Groupon I looked and found a cleaning deal for 10 vents the main lines and 1intake with a dryer vent cleaning. The dryer vent was my main concern, I had a repair man out that advise I get this done. I bought the service, read the rules the coupon expired on march 2014 plenty of time to have the service done or so I thought. I called the number listed on the coupon to make the appointment on Tuesday September 10, 2013 The local 1st choice home services answered #901 338-8747 the woman that answered was nice until I mentioned I had purchased a groupon for the service. Remember this was the number listed to make the appointment. She immediately said she could not help me and gave me a number to call 888 258 2021 . I was ok and thought it was just the local service that had an issue. I called to make the appointment I had surgery scheduled the next day Wednesday September 11th the woman on the phone said if I did not schedule the appointment for sept 11 I would not be able to have the service done until April 2014. Ok your so busy you can't schedule an appointment until after the groupon expires?? It was day surgery and I would be home by 1100am. I took the appointment they were to come some time between 100 pm to 800pm. Yes I said they have an 7 hour window for an appointment. Really! I was told the would call an hour before they came. I gave my cell number and had my husband hold it during the surgery in case they called. No call. I arrived back at home as planed at 1100 am. My husband and I were both home. We never received any call for the service and they never showed up. My husband kept saying it was a SCAM. I didn't listen. I have used groupon before and it was some issues but nothing bad. I called the company the next day explained issues and asked what happened, the woman said there was no notes as to why they did not show up. She would check into it and get back with me, but she could make me another appointment for Friday September 13 (amazing how an appointment came open) because my last call was the next available appt was not until April 2014. Hummmmm. Ok I took the appt. for Sept 13 anytime between 100pm and 800pm again this is as close as they can get but they will call 15mins to 1 hour before the come. Well to be sure I changed my work days and took off that day. Again they never showed and never called. I emailed a complaint to the company 30mins after the complaint on their website was sent a man called apologized and said he would take care of it rescheduled the appointment (amazing again an open appointment before2014) the Appointment was September 15 th a Sunday I was told yes they could get to me on that day between 200pm and 400pm. Interesting they narrowed it down. Hummmm well that's today it's 550pm and guess what.. I bet u know they didn't show up or call. Icalled the company they are close today. I called the groupon they have a real cute message said " were not open at this time because our staff is afraid of the dark " Really that's what it said. At that point I hung up. I called 1st choice I found a number for the CEO James Jones at 901 239 3970. He answered so at least he is real. He was short with me as I started to tell him what happened said what service was it he had 10 different regions to deal with. I told him, he promptly said he would call some one and get back to me and hung up. Hope it was a cell phone cause he didn't ask for my number. Can you guess. No I have not heard back from anyone. I work at a major corporation and I can say if you called our CEO not only would heads roll but you would hear from some one, and I can guarantee our company is much larger than what he runs. Well now all I have is to shake my head, try to get my money back( good luck on that one) and let every site I can find on the Internet know of this atrocity. And listen to my husband tell me every day he knew it was a SCAM. well I'm on to the next site... Do not use 1st CHOICE HOME SERVICES for anything and beware they do company's and other services like carpet cleaning.


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