Best Price Moving and Storage - Worst Moving Experience Ever!

Posted on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 7:35pm CDT by James J.

Company: Best Price Moving and Storage

Location: 3912 W. Mclean Ave Unit B
CHICAGO, IL, 60647, US

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

After taking nearly a month to move our household belongings from Wisconsin to California, this company delivered our belongings looking as if they had taken them out of the truck and run over them prior to delivery. Now, because we didn't stop the movers as they delivered each item, mark it off the inventory, open each box, take out and unwrap each item, inspect it, and ensure that it was undamaged and functional, BEFORE we accepted the item, they are insisting that they have almost no responsibility for their actions. They have offered us $171 for nearly $4,000 worth of damages. They are hiding behind legalese in their contract as opposed to being concerned about doing the right thing and taking responsibility for the damages they caused.

So be warned ? either do not use this company or if you do, you will have to make your delivery take a completely unreasonable amount of time by inventorying, inspecting and ensuring each item is unbroken and undamaged (including powering on any electronic items) before you accept it. We took photos of the damage and took an inventory as we unpacked, but according to these companies, that doesn't matter unless you do this as each item comes off the truck.


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