Pleasure Perfect by Karen - Pleasure Perfect by Karen - Buyer Beware

Posted on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 7:43am CDT by b7642cce

Product: Horse Show Clothing Designer

Company: Pleasure Perfect by Karen

Location: US


Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Pleasure Perfect by Karen (Karen Heinz) was hired by me to sew a custom-designed show outfit for my daughter (jacket, chaps, and send fabric for pants). I sent her pictures of the design I was interested in her using, and she said she could replicate the design (adding her own touches so it did not exactly copy the other designer). We communicated several times via email agreeing on colors to be used, measurements, etc. I paid her $275.00 up front to the sew the outfit and another $275.00 before the outfit was shipped to me. When I received the outfit, it was not even useable for several reasons. The quality was absolutely horrible (cheap fabric, mis-matched seams, flaws in the fabric, limited crystals, etc.) It is was not constructed of the colors and measurements that we agreed upon. (It did not fit my daughter and included black which we specifically agreed would not be used in the jacket.) None of the outfit was useable and Karen refused to refund me my money. After hours spent on the phone with Paypal, I was able to get $275.00 of my money back; however, Karen kept the other $275.00. The outfit was returned to her (and she currently has it for sale on her website trying to make even more money off of it). I have the chaps which are unusable because they were sewed incorrectly and are much too short. I have pictures of the quality of her work on this outfit. I would NEVER recommend this designer to anyone...she is dishonest, untalented, and a poor representation of a business which buyers hope to trust.


eabb338f, 2013-12-11, 10:20AM CST

I have a number of Pleasure Perfect blouses and showmanship tops (appx. 10 total items). Karen sent me swatches of all fabrics before making items, and she followed my design requests closely. I believe I got the very best product for the money I paid. My items are beautiful and one of a kind. I did send one item back to get it taken in a bit. Karen did the tailoring quickly and without charges. I was surprised to see this customer had problems.

b7642cce, 2013-12-12, 09:42AM CST

I was very surprised that I had the problems that I did with her work. I had purchased an item from her in the past with no problem, that is why I thought she would be a trustworthy person to do some custom work. Unfortunately, I learned that this is most definitely not true. I have several pics. of the outfit she sewed (showing its poor quality) and emails outlining agreed-up colors and design that was discussed prior to her making the outfit. I would be more than happy to share them with anyone who is considering using her as a designer. The pics. and text speak for themselves without me even offering my personal opinion. Quality was absolutely horrible, colors did not follow what was agreed, and sizing was totally off. I would not recommend her to anyone.

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