Auto Gallery Porsche - FRAUD WARNING - Auto Gallery Porsche Woodland Hills, CA !!

Posted on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 9:47pm CDT by baz

Product: Porsche

Company: Auto Gallery Porsche

Location: 21301 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

FRAUD WARNING - Auto Gallery Porsche Woodland Hills, CA !!

Beware of dishonest, deceitful and fraudulent sales tactics at Auto Gallery Porsche in Woodland Hills, CA near Los Angeles. In May 2012, I purchased in cash a ?new? 2011 vehicle with 137 miles which I was told by my salesman was delivered in October of 2011. I had a few problems with the vehicle but nothing that was not totally covered by warranty and quickly taken care of by Newport Beach Porsche and by Stevens Creek Porsche in San Jose - two honest and trustworthy dealers.

But it was not until I took the car to Stevens Creek Porsche to replace a faulty battery in April 2013, that I was told the car had been previously reported as ?sold? in March 1st 2011 and that the warranty had been decaying since that date. I also leaned that car was originally delivered in JANUARY 2011, not October as Auto Gallery had said!!! This info was NOT on the sticker

Needless to say, I was angry and confused. Under the impression that I had been sold a ?used? car under false pretenses, I started to research my cars history. I was not able to find any previous title for the car, but was told that the car had been reported as sold to Porsche North America by the dealer to ?inflate? their monthly sales so that they could receive dealer subsidies and incentives.

This practice is not illegal but the dealer is required by law to disclose this fact to potential buyers. I called Auto Gallery to ask about this and the sales manager, Eric Schwarz, angrily told me that I had signed a disclosure statement and that it was the end of the conversation for them. I tried for several months to have them send me a copy of said disclosure statement, knowing for a fact that they never presented me with one, but my calls and emails went unanswered until I started calling the business office and the owner, Harrison Grey.

Finally I received a call from the sales manager Eric Schwarz admitting there was no disclosure. There was no apology offered - not for the fraud they committed and not for lying to me about signing a disclosure statement. They just continued to avoid and stall me until I was forced to hire an attorney to pursue the matter.

Obviously, the warranty on such an expensive car has an enormous value. Had I known this fact, I would have offered much less for the car or not purchased the vehicle at all.

In total, I had lost nearly a year and a half of my 4 year warranty! California vehicle code 11713 (O) considers this a misdemeanor fraud even though the amount of auto galleries theft was clearly in the thousands of dollars, which would have made it a felony in other cases. In speaking to many different attorneys about my case, I have learned that this is not something new from Auto Gallery!!!

What is also concerning is that Porsche requires its cars to be serviced once a year. By the time the service light came on in my car, it had already been 2 ? years since it had an oil change because Auto Gallery did not bother servicing it before selling me a car that was 1 ? years old. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is going to cost me almost $5000 for an inferior extended warranty in addition to my loss for overpaying for my car. I also have no idea what kind of damage may have been done to the engine because the car had not been serviced in time! Be aware of Auto Gallery. They are a bunch of thieves and liars.


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