Crif Dogs - Crif Dogs Paint

Posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 11:48am CDT by Torrean

Company: Crif Dogs

Location: 113 St. Marks Place
NEW YORK, NY, 10009, US


Category: Food

My Letter to Crif Dogs:

Dear Crif Dog?s Management,

Last month I visited your establishment with my friends in hopes of having a great night out. While I thoroughly enjoyed the food as usual, my experience there was less than satisfactory. Prior to my arrival, the seats had been painted with red paint. My friends and I were unaware and sat down for over 30 minutes in the red paint. There were no caution or wet signs posted to forewarn customers. I have called numerous times to make my problem known, each time leaving my name and contact information. I wrote an email to the owner of the company page and have yet to receive a response. I did however receive one phone call and voice stating I could come in to receive dry cleaning or a $20 gift card from a manager named Kirsten but each time I have called back she is ?not available? or ?not working?. While the gift card may seem like a reasonable option, the clothing items were from Banana Republic; priced well above $20. I also went to a dry cleaning service and was told the paint could not be removed. As a customer, this issue should have not been neglected for as long as it has. Please refer to the contact information below and provide me with further assistance on this issue as soon as possible.


Torrean S.

[email protected]


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