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Posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 10:07pm CDT by C L.

Product: Broken Arrow Differential Service

Company: Team One Automotive

Location: 505 N Walnut Ave


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Allow me to share my experience with you about Team One Automotive in Broken Arrow, OK and you be the judge of how and where you take your vehicle for service. On June 10, 2013 Team One Automotive began their services on my AWD SUV. My SUV had what appeared to be a major mechanical issue as three days prior it had an overwhelming burning smell and the rear differential was pouring out large amounts of smoke. Team One Automotive was instructed, entrusted, and paid to perform a full diagnostic on the rear differential and rear assembly to determine the extent of the damage.

They also were to replace the alternator. The communication with Team One Automotive was very specific, about the condition of the bearings, pinion, gears, seals, etc.

Team One Automotive stated they would look the vehicle differential from top to bottom and guarantee that when my vehicle is done from their shop it will not leave me stranded in the next 1000 miles or next 6 months or more. They stood behind their work. I felt confident in their message to me and especially them telling me they will inspect the entire rear end. At the completion of this service they billed $980 to replace an alternator, replace two rubber axle seals, fluid change for rear differential and inspection.

They recommended nothing. 39 days later and my first time taking my SUV on the highway, I?m faced with the exact same mechanical failure, same black fluid leaking, & smoke pouring out from the rear differential. My SUV left me, my wife, and 6 year old son on the side of the highway on our way to Oklahoma City. After contacting Team One Automotive, they state the only service they performed on the rear differential was the fluid change and they did not open the casing up to determine the extent of the damage that they were instructed to perform.

They say this 39 days after the breakdown and now claim since they didn?t ?perform? any services on my rear differential that they were not responsible for the rear differential and there was not warranty. They claimed to have inspected the pinion bearings by simply pulling on the drive shaft to check; ignoring the request to visually inspect the gears, bearings, pinion and seals. Long story short, the rear differential failed and had a seal leak. An automotive repair shop in OKC said there was damage to the differential system including the bearings and I needed to replace the entire rear axle and differential systems more than a few thousand dollars. Team One Automotive changed their story in court to now state they did ?opened the differential casing? and checked all the bearings and gears?but they somehow failed to recommend replacing seals if you open a sealed case? Nor is it reflected on the invoice.

This is my story, nothing in it is fabricated or slander. You be the judge about where you take your vehicle but I could not allow someone else to have the same experience and major costs I did after using Team One Automotive. This is my experience only. Thank you.


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