Double Tree Hotel - Bed fell on hotel customer. Hotel did not care

Posted on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 at 8:56pm CDT by Staice J.

Company: Double Tree Hotel

Location: 7800 Normandale Blvd.

Category: Hotels

I first need to say I stay at the Double Tree hotel often for my work. I am a member of the Hilton Family so this is hard to do but the hotel staff encourgaed me to do what I can as changes need to be made and it needs to start with this so called General Manager Robert (Bob)I will try to make this long story short! I checked into the hotel on August 29th. The hotel staff is so kind and always are they provide me with a nice upgrade based on my Hilton status. I had this huge bed and when you try to get up on the matress you have to hold on the poster rail. So I did that when I did the bed fell the side bed frame and the foot board came down and when it fell I was hanging onto the poster still and it board scratched my right leg and landed on me. I called the front desk telling them what happened and they sent their maintenance guy to come and see what he can do. He pushed the matress to the left and to the right and said I need help. He called the front desk they said they would send someone. No one came. I told this guy are their any boards on the bottom that may of fell. He looked under the bed and said No boards. I told him lets pull the matress to the bottom set it up against the dresses and then he can take a better look. Here when we do this we see that the side bed frame and the foot board are NOT attached at all. So the hotel maintenance guy kicks the fame and the foot board together and said it will hold for you. I said how long he said it should be good till you leave on Sunday. When I walked him to the door finally the valet guy shows up 20 mn later. I then was left to make my own bed. I got into the bed and all was ok. I then called the front desk supervisor as I know him well. Real nice man he goes out of his way to accomodate. I told him what happend he was so kind and felt bad. He knew nothing as there was No report. He said he can not offer anything to me but he feels something needs to be done and he is contacting the Gneral Manager. When we hung up I got my shoes and was sitting on the bed bent over putting my shoe on and the bed side bed frame and the foot board fell completely on my left foot. Made a nice size dent on my foot and then swolled up. I called the supervisor again and said I am sorry to bother you but the bed fell again this time on my left foot. He said are you ok I am so sorry Staice. I said I am taking pictures I will be down soon. He had the Director of Operations at the front desk and I showed the pictures to them both. They took my cell and told me they GM will be calling me this was early Friday morning. Kurt told me his staff will up to fix the bed when we leave. Again no incident report was given to me. No pictures were taken. Kurt told me when I return he will walk up to my room and show me that all is done. Now I returned around 8:00 pm and still not a call from the GM. I found Kurt we went to my room he showed me they nailed it and glued it and all was well. I told him the GM has not called and he said I am so sorry I spoke to Robert and he told me he was going to call you. I said he did not. He said can I buy you and your family a few drinks at the bar. I do not drink alcohol so my mom and I had a two sodas. My cousin had a few drinks. Now all the hotel management knows me and all so sorry and shocked that the GM is not reaching out to me. Kurt offered to buy me dinner and he did. But I am upset now that the GM never called me. I checked out on 9-1-13 and thought I will call the Hilton customer service and make a formal complaint they two were disappointed that the GM did not care enough to reach out to me to see if I was ok. And to not even have security or anyone come and look at my cuts and bruises from the bed falling on me. After my report on Sunday I received a email from Hilton stating this case is closed. apparently the GM responded that a incident report has been filled out (by who NOT me) and that he spoke to me (LIAR at that time he did not speak to me) and that everything has been submitted to their insurance agency (No insurance agency has contacted me? Hilton told me to contact the GM. I did I called him and introduced myself. He told me he is new to the position he heard about the incident and agreed they dropped the ball in every aspect. He told me he wanted me to fill out the incident report. I asked him if he wanted me to attach the photos he said yes. He would then be on contact with me and see what they can do to rectify the situation. This was call on Sept 3rd and do you think Robert called me back or email me the incident report??? (Thats correct he did NOT) But he did however have his HR lady call me and tell me that Robert asked her to call me so she can fill out the incident report. Now this does not sound right! Why would this hotel not want me to fill out the incident report, It happened to me No one looked at the bed no one looks at my foot or leg to see if it was ok. How can they fill out the report and know nothing on what happend. I called the Hilton told them all that happened how the GM has yet to follow up and rectify the situation. The insurance company has not called me. HELLO DOUBLE TREE YOUR FAULTY BED FELL ON MY LEG AND THEN FELL ON MY LEFT FOOT. MR GM I will NOT drop this. ITS NOT YOUR STAFF ITS YOU. YOU ARE A HORRIBLE GM AND DO NOT HAVE A SENSITIVY CHIP AT ALL. YOU AND YOUR HR LADY! I will stay on this till you acknowledge that your bed hurt me not once but twice. If you showed me that you cared and that you would of kept your word I would not be here otday upset. But you have not showen me your customer one bit of respect and concern. SHAME ON YOU. I lost good friends at this hotel as I will not be back! But the Hilton Brand or management of this hotel needs to know what kind of GM they have at this location. HE IS HORRIBLE


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