Lincare - Poor Service

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 6:29pm CDT by S K.

Product: ResMed CPAP machine & supplies

Company: Lincare

Location: SEATTLE, WA, WA, US

Category: Other

I have had 3 instances now where supplies were not sent, and in 1 case, was not the actual needed supply, but a generic.

They have told me twice that the doctor's orders had not been received, and that was the reason the package hadn't been sent to me. The doctor's office reported both times that the prescriptions had been faxed to them.

I have also been sent a generic air tube which does not have the easier "smart fit cuff" that my CPAP unit uses which allows me to easily unsnap my mask to go to the bathroom at night. I have to remove the entire mask & chin strap, then adjust them back again.

Finally, whoever answers the phone is not only rude, but makes assumptions regarding what my doctor has ordered, even though she "didn't get the order" from my doctor's office. She went on to assume that I wouldn't be covered for a different mask and a different chin strap even though it was medically necessary to change and according to my insurance plan would be covered.

I am changing to Apria!


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