PimpMyFak.es - Wondering if PimpMyFakes is a Scam? Read This.

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 12:42am CDT by PimpMyFak.es

Product: PimpMyFak.es Fake ID

Company: PimpMyFak.es

Location: US

URL: www.pimpmyfak.es

Category: Internet Services

We are making this post to warn customers about fake complaints regarding www.pimpmyfak.es

If you see a complaint anywhere about PimpMyFak.es, let us know, and we'd be happy to address it. If you see a complaint without a photo of a moneypak receipt and the moneypak itself, it's fake. These are two things we require for every order. They should be easy to post for anybody who has actually ordered from us.

We advertise on Craigslist. This means the CL scammers will pop up in full force, and try posting fake complaints.. We have essentially put them out of business. And they are not happy about it.

We hate scammers as much as you. They not only give legit sites a bad name by scamming people out of their money, but they also post false complaints about PimpMyFakes, to try and deter our customers. And we have to spend time and energy to reassure potential customers. So, we're launching another preemptive strike against scammers.

A few years ago, ID printers began using Craigslist to advertise and reach new customers. Soon, the scammers caught on, and started posting ads and taking advantage of would-be customers. They scammed a LOT of people. And this gave printers a bad rap. Well, the scammers are still at it. While we've changed our tactics, they continue the same old tired sham.

We do something nobody else does--we offer our customers VIDEO PROOF of their ID before they pay us anything. Scammers know they can't compete with that. So what do they do? They have two options, realistically.

Option 1: Scammers clone the website, including the verbiage, logo, and videos. This is an attempt to fool the customer into thinking they're ordering from the legit site.

Ex. A site, idchief.ph, gains a reputation for good work. Suddenly clone sites pop up like idchief.com or idchief.biz. They copy all the videos, and it looks just like the original site. But it's not.

To combat this, we've incorporated our logo into our domain name. Our .es domain extension is part of our name. This way, a clone is easily spotted. Also, our videos and our sample IDs are heavily watermarked with our site name.

Option 2: Scammers try to post fake complaints, to tarnish our reputation, deter potential customers, and blackmail us.

Ex. A craigslist scammer sees our ad, and realizes nobody will order from him and his shady operation. He simply cannot compete. So he goes to a complaint board website and files a fake complaint.

Then he contacts us, and demands we pay him money to retract the post. Otherwise he will continue to post more complaints, in an effort to deter our customers from ordering.

Anyone who orders from us knows we require only a photo of the moneypak receipt, prior to printing. This shows us proof that you CAN pay for the ID. You don't actually pay until you've seen video proof.

Scammers have posted fake complaints, but of course, they can't reproduce that receipt. That's how you know it's a fake complaint. We've gone so far as to challenge those who post complaints to prove it. Of course, they can't.

We have video of the above scenario as it took place.


The fact is, we can't be everywhere at once. We have done our best to alleviate concerns our customers have about being scammed. You basically get to see proof of your ID at no cost to you. You won't find that anywhere else.

We have no doubt the scammers will continue to find new and annoying ways to disrupt our business. But as a potential customer, you must be wary of things your read online.

We don't advertise a testimonial page. We don't post fake reviews of our products on youtube, pretending to be a customer. (Yes, sites have done this). We don't feel the need to trick or fool our customers into buying from us.

Reviews are easily faked. It works the same way as any scammer can create a fake online name and post a fake complaint. We're not going to post a fake feel-good positive review, and then turn around and tell you not to believe the fake complaint. That's hypocritical.

So, how do you know what's real and what isn't? Two words: VIDEO PROOF.

1) We have videos of our sample IDs, their holograms, their scans, and UV printing.

2) We have videos of actual orders being tracked in real-time, proving we ship our orders.

3) We even have a video of a scammer who texted us, and admitted to posting fake complaints to blackmail us for money.

4) And lastly, with every order, we show you Video Proof of your ID in action.

So, you can choose to believe some knob who posts a fake complaint, who can't produce a receipt, and who can't even add or spell properly. You can choose to believe a website that tries to trick you into buying, because they post fake reviews about their IDs.

Or you can believe what you witness with your own eyes.

We have a system in place to give you every assurance of our legitimacy. But, we don't rest on our reputation alone. We take a proactive approach, and try to educate our customers about scams, and we prove ourselves on every single order.

Check out or blog for more information, as well as tips on how to spot an online fake ID scam.

And to those scammers who post fake complaints, here's your challenge. You claim we scammed you? Prove it. Post the receipt and the moneypak photo. If you actually ordered from us, that would be easy.


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