iWeb - Harbours Incessant Spammers - DOES NOTHING FOR MONTHS

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 7:11am CDT by 8b28b540

Product: iWeb

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I have received well over 30 spams from the same spammer - brainpulse.com - since June 2013. Every single one of these has been reported directly to iWeb using their [email protected] email address.

I have also reported all of them to Spamcop.net, which is iWeb's preferred method of reporting spammers, according to their own website. The problem is that this spammer has scammed Spamcop so that abuse messages go back to the spammer, not to the host. This has the dual effect of not informing the host (iWeb) and validating the email address to the spammer.

Last week, I contacted iWeb on both their live chat and phone support to escalate the complaint - and address their non-response to my complaints. In both instances, they were absolutely unhelpful, telling me to keep sending the spams to [email protected] and they'd get around to investigating it eventually. The live chat guy actually said that "not responding since June wasn't good enough", but did nothing to assist. They both said there was nothing that could be done to escalate the case.

I did tell them that this spammer had gamed Spamcop, so that abuse messages wouldn't get through to them - I even sent them screengrabs to show them. They said that would be in clear breach of their terms and conditions, but the spam continues.

This ISP pretends to be an ethical player, but they're nothing but a bunch of rude, greedy jerks who will take a spammer's money and turn a blind eye to all of the international spam laws they break.


After several days of hounding iWeb to sort out this issue, their spamming customer's sites were all removed from their servers. Per their own response below, they were aware of the spam activity since July 2013. Despite "working with" the customer for two months to get them off the server, the customer was still allowed to spam me,and presumably thousands or millions of other people around the world, a couple of dozen times each, at least during that time.

The upshot is that yes, they finally did something and I'm glad they are no longer harbouring this spammer. It is less good that they allowed the spamming to go on for as long as they did after first learning about it. Also not okay was the rude manner in which I was treated when trying to stop the spam and notify them that the spammer was gaming Spamcop (so they didn't get reports). I was told by them a number of times that there was "no way to escalate the complaint". Their reference, below, to "escalating" on 6 September was when I started emailing, facebooking, and tweeting directly to their senior executives, including sending them links to this post. So, apparently, that's how you escalate a complaint to iWeb.

They have now asked me to amend my complaint to reflect the resolution of this complaint, so here it is.

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Sylvain D., 2013-09-13, 03:22PM CDT

As the Service Provider we receive a number of requests with different level of spam severity and treat them by priority. The case in question was reported to us for the first time in July, 2013 and we were working with the customer on the resolution of the situation. At the time when the escalation came on September 6, 2013 the customer was already in the process of removal of all domains from our network, and it now has been fully completed.

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