Cinema Night Club - Cinema Night club Bottle Service ripoff

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 9:55am CDT by 5a78e5ab

Company: Cinema Night Club

Location: 135 Liberty Street Toronto, ON


Category: Entertainment

I went to this place for bottle service. They gave us the worst booth in the club, while the remaining booths at the good spots were empty all night. We paid $600 with 10 entrances, when we get there, they tell us only 7 can enter, the rest have to pay $20 cover, so they charged us extra to enter even though promised 10 entrances.

When we get in and they bring in bottles. A few minutes later the booth beside us try to pick a fight with us so we complain to the bouncers, the bouncers do absolutely nothing about it, and let it go as it is. We complain to them further and what they do is kick US OUT and take our bottles away and charge us for the $600!!!!

We have had the worst experience ever, this place is the worst spot we have ever been to, DO NOT bother stepping foot in here, the crowd is extremely bad, management is horrible, and bouncers are complete air head ***.

I hope they go out of business soon.


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