Dallas Movers, LLC, DFW Movers - Moving Company refuses to honor claim

Posted on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 12:26pm CDT by Anthony G.

Product: Moving Services

Company: Dallas Movers, LLC, DFW Movers

Location: 4403 N Central Expy. Dallas, TX 75205
DALLAS, TX, 75205, US

URL: http://www.dfwmovers214.com/

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

We used this company to move our home in Dec 2012. I was very specific with the person on the phone and asked that they bring packing material, blankets, boxes, etc. I confirmed twice with follow up calls.

They arrived 2 hours late. Had no packing materials. Was quoted around $400.00. (Bill turned out to be more than $1000.00) They said that they were not told to bring materials.

They broke several items: Desk, a few paintings, Art Work, etc. Even have one item missing that was left in the cab of the truck that they never returned. The next day, we saw pieces of furniture and glass all over our lawn and driveway.

The contractors admitted fault and said someone from the claims department would be contacting us the next day. They never did. I have sent several emails to them. They never respond. They no longer answer my calls.

The company's website is full of inaccuracies.

They are not a member of the BBB, The TX DOT #: 006691059C does not belong to them. It is registered to a Houston Company under a different LLC. Site claims that they are an "Award Winning Mover." No such award, unless they printed it themselves. They state "Uniformed Trained Professional Movers on our team. Each mover before employment must pass a background check and have at least 5-6 years of experience doing residential and commercial moves" All of that is not true.

After all said and done, I repaired what I could. They owe me apprx $750.00


4403 N Central Expy.

Dallas, TX 75205

Phone: (214) 684-5359


P.O Box 797856

Dallas, TX 75050

Fax: (214) 684-5358

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

? 2013 Dallas Movers, LLC

TX DOT #: 006691059C

? 2013 Houston Movers, LLC

TX DOT #: 006691059C


6855 Southwest Fwy

Houston, TX 77074

Phone: (832) 801-1222


P.O Box 797843

Houston, TX 77072

Fax: (832) 801-1224

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Name Registration Mailing Address Physical Address City State Status

DFW MOVERS 006691059C

USDOT#: 2354889 1551 NORTH HWY 161 #2102 1551 NORTH HWY 161 #2102 GRAND PRAIRIE TX Active

Company Information:




Phone: 214 684 5359

Registration: Status: Active Expiration: 10/31/2013 Status Definitions

TxDMV: 006691059C

USDOT: 2354889 Carrier Type: Commercial Carrier - Household Goods Carrier

Address Information


1551 NORTH HWY 161 #2102



1551 NORTH HWY 161 #2102



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alicia o., 2013-09-09, 02:11PM CDT

Anthony g. Must own his own company and an idiot.

I used this company last week my mom used them today and I was referred by the company I work for. We all had excellent experiences and they do return phone calls if something happens. Anthony G you are a scam artist and have to much time on your hands and sounds like you must be going out of business. Best of luck to you Anthony and you need a life.

DFW movers keep up the good work, people like anthony G are low lifes. My family and I andcthe company I work for recommend this company to everybidy we know.


Plano, tx

Toyota Nissan

alicia o., 2013-09-09, 03:21PM CDT

Hi, my name is James Patel I used DFW Movers yesterday. The original company I hired was a no show. I called DFW Movers last minute. DFWMovers showed up an hour later. Gary and Phillip were helpful, friendly, and protected my belongings. I knew it was hot and even though I stayed on the third floor Gary and phillip were awesome and finished a head of my original time the first company quoted me.

I would recommend you to everyone I know.

P.s. Anthony G

Sounds to me you are up to no good!!

Anthony G., 2013-09-09, 09:35PM CDT

Make sure that we are talking about the same company. They go by many different names, lie on their website. Dfwmovers214.com. And yes.. I own a telecom company and would never treat my customers like this. This is the first complaint i have ever made against a company. It is not in my nature. I am happy that you had a good existence with them. I did not. And they have been unresponsive to me.

Anthony G., 2013-09-09, 09:35PM CDT

I tried to post again, but it did not take, so I will give it another shot...

Please make sure that we are speaking of the same company. That is why I listed most of their business names that they go under. If it is indeed the same company, then good for you! You should have a pleasant experience when dealing with a company.

Maybe my experience is a rarity. But it was my experience. I see the two posts above are trolling, so I do not give them much weight. More than likely posted by DFW Movers LLC, themselves.

Facts are facts. I have all pictures and a/v records to show it, plus the the phone recordings of my conversation with the company.

To the Troll calling herself Alicia O. -- Yes, I own 2 successful companies. I do better than most. This is the first complaint I have ever issued about a company. again, facts are facts.

To the Troll calling himself James Patel -- I am very happy you had a positive experience. My movers were very polite and helpful as well, but they did not come prepared as I asked. I told the company how big my house was and what I had. According to the contractors, they did not receive the information.

The contractors did get over worked due to the failure of the company not planning correctly. Over worked and ill equipped contractors equal problems. And they had problems. I did not even complain that they charged me for the time they were eating the meal I provided them!

If a company fails to respond to my multiple request for 10 months, there is not much I can do. I have filed with the BBB, so at least they are now listed with the BBB! If that does not resolve it, I will take other measures.

I am fortunate to be successful in life, but that does not mean I should let them get away with this.

Robin M., 2013-09-09, 08:55PM CDT

So Alicia O., what exactly is your name? Alicia or James Patel? Just wanting to know since you used the same account to post two separate posts with two different names. Did you think people would not notice?

alicia o., 2013-09-10, 12:38PM CDT

To the non professional loser Antony G: You have got to be the biggest loser in the whole DFW metroplex . I highly doubt it that they told you they would bring boxes to box up your things. When I asked them if they supply the material they said no they do not, but if I did they would pack it up. I think maybe you had your head so far up your rectum you couldn't hear. As far as Mr. Patel he said you sure type a lot of nonsense and said he would give you his number so you could meet at local place instead bad mouthing him online. I will find out who you are and what companies you so call own and take the time to put you on all the sites for being the scum of the earth and the biggest loser.


Toyota Nissan

Anthony G., 2013-09-10, 01:23PM CDT

All the company had to do was return my phone calls or emails in order to discuss the claim. They did neither. I gave them 9 months to respond! I even let them know that I would be posting on complaint boards if they did not respond.

If I have offended you in some way, please explain. I have only stated facts. If you are referring to the term TROLL, please look up the term and you will see why it is appropriate.

You have contradicted yourself many times in your rants. I thank you for that. I am sure you have my contact information, since.. well... it is kind of obvious who you really are.

Have a wonderful day!

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