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I bought a GE refrigerator model # PFSF5RKZAWW & serial # GV 313406 on 09/08/2011 thru I also paid $99 for 4 year extended warranty. All together $1711.17 About 1 month later I got extended warranty contract from a third party, Assurant Solutions. At no point it was mentioned that the extended warranty was going to be with a third party when I was checking out & paying. In June of 2013 it stopped working. I called GE customer service & was told that I have to call Assurant Solutions since it was over 1 year. We did that & after spending couple of hours on the phone we were able to get appointment for 3 days later instead of 8 days originally. It was faulty control board & the part was ordered by GE technician & in total of 12 days it was fixed. End of July the water dispenser stopped working. Called Assurant Solutions again & luckily we got a tech within 3 days. The fridge was too cold so the water was frozen in the pipes. The temperature said -1 on the freezer & 36 on the fridge side. I was told the recommended temperature should be no more than 0 & 37. If that?s the case & it will have issues than why does it goes as low as -4 & 32? No problem left it at 0 & 37. About a 1 ? week later it stopped getting cold. Called Assurant & was told it will be 1 week before they can send any technician. Called GE Consumer Affairs & was told that since it has been over 1 year it?s not their problem anymore. They offered to sell another fridge for 15% discount. Sorry I am not in any position to buy a new fridge every year. Talked to supervisor at Assurant & they made appointment for 4 days later with a company called AAR Appliances. That?s the worst company I ever come across. I had several problems with them on other appliances thru home warranty & didn?t want them coming back. I was told either this or wait for 8 days. Took my chances & said yes. The tech came, didn?t speak any English, it?s ok no problem, this is a land of opportunities as I am a foreigner also. I was told that the fan was stuck but it?s fixed & should cool down in couple of hours & if it doesn?t work than call back. Well it didn?t work. I called them next morning to AAR Appliance & was told nothing could be done until the tech turns in his report which will take 24 to 48 hours. OMG? Called Assurant again & was told that I have to deal with them AAR Appliances since they were already paid for the job. Why were they paid, the problem was not fixed & they were paid even before the tech turned in his report. Again we apologize for any inconvenience but that?s what needs to be done. Got a call next day (Wednesday) 08/21/2013 that they have ordered the part & will be there on Tuesday 08/27 to replace. No one showed up. I called AAR Appliances & was told that they don?t have the part yet. Now it?s Friday & has been close to 3 weeks without a fridge & using ice boxes & eating out almost every day. I called Assurant again begging them to PLEASE HELP, I got 3 children at home & it has been 104+ degrees outside every day. Again ?we apologize for any inconvenience but? were told that the part could take up to 3 weeks. It already has been 3 weeks & now they are saying 3 weeks more? And YOU have to deal with AAR Appliances since they were paid to finish the job. I called GE Consumer Affairs & spoke to customer service/ manager/ supervisor. ?It?s not our problem since it has been over 1 year?. I was sold an extended warranty thru GE website on a GE product, paid GE for the warranty & it not their problem? Today is 09/09/2013 almost a month since this problem started & still no follow up from GE, Assurant or AAR Appliances. I posted a negative review about this product & GE with 1 star on GE website, guess what? it never got posted. 2 days later I posted a question..

?I have posted comments & it does not show. Just because it was 1 star rating & said that I had extremely bad experience with GE product? I assume you only allow good reviews on the site which misleads consumer into buying GE products.?

I got a reply back ?

?Hello S_ _ _ _ _,

Your questions are very important to us and the GE Appliances community. We appreciate you taking the time to ask a question about PFSF5RKZWW however, it did not meet the guidelines for posting on our site.

We encourage you to revisit our guidelines and resubmit your question on PFSF5RKZWW.?

What is wrong with my question? I got a bad refrigerator, Seller GE sold me an extended warranty which would not fix the problem & now the seller is telling me it?s not our problem even though you bought this fridge by reading good reviews on our website because bad ones don?t get posted, even though you paid for the extended warranty to GE (not to a 3rd party) & now since we already have your money you are on your own unless you want to buy another newer model than we can certainly help you.. WOW.

At this point I am not even sure what to do.

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Alfvaen D., 2014-01-20, 11:42AM CST

I am having the same problem; GE just won't fix what they sell. And, judging from the huge number of complaints, that covers most of their products.

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