Wepay.com - Wepay.com Screwed me over twice.

Posted on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 4:29pm CDT by Dustin K.

Company: Wepay.com

Location: US

URL: www.wepay.com

Category: Business, Finances

After setting up an account to handle subscriptions for my online investment newsletter at www.Viaticusinvestments.com Wepay.com shut my account down without any reason or explanation other than it may be suspicious. Then after days or waiting and phone calls I was allowed to create a new account (and track down every subscriber and ask them politely to resubscribe) and assured my account would be allowed to process payments but given an 8week reserve period.

Then, a few days later after I had asked everyone to re-subscribe. They did it again and sent the same generic 'your banned' email.

horrible company. Might as well be paypal 2.0


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