Home Decorus LLC Rob Jones - Rob Jones Home Decorus Tile Man on Call scammer

Posted on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 10:41pm CDT by terry f.

Product: Tile Installation

Company: Home Decorus LLC Rob Jones

Location: 103 kilkenny ct

URL: www.homedecorus.com

Category: Building, Construction

We hired this man to do a floor installation. He quoted a price and we gave $2500 deposit at start of job. He hired subcontractors and work got underway. After 5 days the subcontractors had trouble getting hold of him. They were worried about not being paid so they left the job. He promised installers would arrive to replace them,none arrived. After a few days we asked for our money back less money he was due to pay the subcontractors. He refused and made many threats against us including saying he was going to report us for using unlicensed contractors on other jobs and failing to get permits etc. He also promised us he had paid the sub contractor $1700. The sub contractor was asking us to pay him as he had received nothing. He eventually gave the sub contractor $1000 and kept the other $1500 for himself. He felt that he could steal $1500 for not completing a job, robbing the customer and also the contractor to fill he greedy pockets. His website talks about honesty, fairness and being a veteran etc. In reality he is just a conman. He took money for a job he could not complete then kept $1500 that he had no right to and would not even pay his workers. Do yourself a favor and avoid this shark. Don't fall for his schmooze

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5bd0449d, 2013-11-03, 06:22PM CST

Well I see you have dissolved your company and closed down your website. I know who I believe here, the guy who's company is still running. :-)


Florida Limited Liability Company HOME DECORUS HOME IMPROVEMENT L.L.C.

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Document NumberL12000114008 FEI/EIN Number46-0960917 Date Filed09/05/2012 StateFL StatusINACTIVE Effective Date09/05/2012 Last EventVOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION Event Date Filed09/17/2013

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