Dream Makers - Lex Moreno (Alejo, Alex, john, Lexx)

Posted on Saturday, September 7th, 2013 at 1:40pm CDT by REVOLUTION

Product: Artist management

Company: Dream Makers

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

Alejo Moreno (AKA Alex, Lex, Lexx, John) is now perpetrating his rouse under a new company Dream Makers. He is not affiliated with Universal or MTV and he cannot get you a reality show. He has some connections and can get you some unpaid shows if you pay him plenty, but his connections run out quickly because he has no scruples. This man has his whole family involved in his scams and unfortunately some real business people work with him (for a short time) adding credibility to his lies. Alejo has never published anything of note (only cheesy you tube video's). He still offers reality shows, working with stars, or any way he can get your money, but has never actually made anything happen for anyone other than their pain and sorrow. He has had many lawsuits against him but very few stick because he does have some connections and a way of twisting around the facts, so if you are caught up with him now, contact a lawyer before you make your move for better results. Register with the federal trade commission in the hopes that enough complaints will cause them to act. http://www.ftc.gov/ or 1-877-382-4357. All good comments on any of these complaint sites are posted by Mr. Moreno. You will not find any real artist names or contacts in the good reviews. He is quick to create new email addresses, companies, and aliases. Any paperwork you will receive will be worded strangely as to not be binding by Mr. Moreno, and will have spelling errors and no dates. The only reason this man has been operating for so long is because he preys on the trusting, desperate, or na?ve, most of us do not imagine anyone could act so deceitfully. Check out any person you do business with and ask for their ID before you sign any contract with anyone! Everyone please register with the FTC, it may be the only way this man can be stopped!


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ICU2, 2013-09-10, 10:06AM CDT

I have run into this man before also, and I have submitted with the Federal Trade commission as well. He has been arrested many times, and even served some time in jail, but he is on the loose and just wants your money. He will not only use the promise of success in music, but he will find any way to take any money you have. This man would steal your last dime then happily watch you starve to death. He would take your things then claim you stole it from him (see Gabriel Cannon gossip.com, yes, Lex stole Mr, Cannon's cameras and somehow had Mr. Cannon arrested!! and yes, he has been promissing reality shows since 2001, ever seen one??) Lex tries to find pity in the fact he has a large family to feed. Well buddy, we all have families to feed but the rest of us do something you are not familiar with, it is called work!

Stay away at all costs from him and his family.

b1cd0b5c, 2014-07-07, 04:15PM CDT

This complaint came up when I did a search about Alejo J. Moreno II for a potential job applicants. Do you believe this is the same process so should I even interview him or confront him about the accusations set forth? It requires a large degree of trustworthiness and dependability regarding both financial and professional responsibilities. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

9324d252, 2014-07-07, 07:58PM CDT

Your better off not knowing Alex and his family!!! You and your company are better off with out him Alex and his wife Michelle are professional con artist they due their home work on next victim by research and stocking the person and try to find a connection to make it seem they know people who are famous like Miami Mike and Soldier boy he stocked them and realized a connection from his daughter baby dad who went to high school with one Miami Mike video directors MK. MK does not have any relationship with either of them only get rip off from Alex owing him money for a job that Alex hired him and his crew.

eda1c01c, 2014-08-18, 03:06PM CDT

Dream Fakers.

This fat slob is a walking feces tossing monkey.

If you are around Alejo John Moreno (aka.. Lex Moreno, Juan Mendoza, John Moreno ,AJ, Alex Moreno) Dba..Indie growers Union Ivape, dream Makerz, Limited Earth Investment, ICU Media, ABC anti bullying campaign, any kind of Cannabis related business or any kind of deal where he gives you a promise... STOP THE DEAL NOW* OR TRY TO GET YOUR MONEY OR PROPERTY BACK.

Alejo Moreno II, (Goes by a lot of the same aliases but mostly Lelo Moreno) He's in on everything as well, the whole family actually.... Michele Moreno, Linda Ryan, (Linda Corona) Vanessa Corona, or anyone that claims they are great people...walk away. Now.

But WAIT!... before you make a scene and let him know that you know all about him; try to "slyly" and "thoughtfully" devise a PLAN to get all the money back that he's taken from you. Tell him that you can double his money in a day and that you'll give it right back or something.

Use your imagination because he's definitely using his to professionally scam people for their money.

If you wrote and signed a contract, just know its not real. He's not a lawyer or "finishing law school" as he claims.

Super likable guy. Big Talker. But why do you feel like he's saying all these words and conceptions that you don't understand?

Because he's tricking your mind to make you feel stupid so he gains control duping you that he knows way more than you about any particular subject.

He's good at what he does. Don't feel bad if you got tricked. He's just an evil hearted person.

The people who he scams are like me...I think people are genuine and can be trusted.

He plays on the hearts of the trusting and unwitting.

He acts like he's the savior of the world and it can be believable.

It is all a lie however. (whatever "it" is in your case)

He owes many many people a lot of money.

If anyone would like to start a lawsuit...Im game.

Ive got every receipt and every life threatening emails and texts.

He needs to be stopped and I would love to have a chance to protect potential victims.

eda1c01c, 2014-08-28, 04:49PM CDT

He is currently posing as a representative for Indie growers association.

just look at this link if you believe that...


This guy is a SCAM ARTIST!

If his lips are moving, you can be assured he's lying.

bb4306b5, 2014-12-24, 06:32PM CST

No now he is posing as security at the Tacoma dome in Washington while in the process of opening a MariJuana consulting agency out of Bellevue. He Currently has a Members only service out of Spokane by the name of WA420SERVICES.


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