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Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 9:21am CDT by PENNY R.

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September 5, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I booked VRBO LISTING #167341 in June, 2013, from the VRBO website. The phone number provided on the website is 877-867-8164, which is a Resort Quest booking number. I called this number and booked this VRBO LISTING #167341 based on the pictures provided on the website for my family of ten. We were expecting this exact VRBO LISTING #167341 end unit at the Palazzo Condominiums with one king ocean front bedroom, one queen ocean front bedroom, and one bedroom with two twin beds. My credit card was charged $795 plus taxes and reservation fee for our 3 nights stay, which equals $265 per night.

Upon arrival on August 30, 2013, we discovered we were not placed in the unit we booked and paid for. Instead, we were placed in UNIT #1607, which is a 3 BR/ 3 BATH; however, the living space is ridiculously small, and it only has one bedroom that is ocean front. The back two bedrooms are both queen beds, which made our group one bed short of what we actually needed and ?booked.?

I spoke extensively with the front desk personnel at the Palazzo. She was rude, frustrated with my attitude towards our dilemma, and was unwilling to help resolve the issue since we booked a Palazzo unit that was listed as a VRBO property. No matter how many times I tried to convince her that VRBO is a website to advertise properties, that the actual phone number provided for VRBO LISTING #167341 is the phone number for Resort Quest, she refused to be of any help.

I then called the phone number (at 5:56pm) associated with the VRBO LISTING #167341, and Resort Quest Customer Service agent, Tara, simply said she was sorry, but there were no other units available. She said they would offer me a measly, and insulting, discount of $166.00. I was furious with this ridiculous discount. She assured me that I would receive a phone call from one of her managers within a very short time. She verified a good phone number for my contact. It is now TUESDAY, September 3, 2013, 1:37pm, and I have not heard one word from anyone from Resort Quest.

We WERE cramped and uncomfortable in this unit. Not only did we not have enough sleeping space or eating space for our family of ten, we had to rearrange and move furniture in order not to step over each other in this uncomfortably small unit. There were 4 chairs around a small eating table. Why would I ever book a unit with 4 chairs, uncomfortable small living space, and not enough sleeping space??

When we entered the ?wrongly assigned? unit, I found it in unsatisfactory condition. Two of the three beds were not made up correctly. One looked as if someone had been lying all over the bed. The other looked as if a child had pulled the covers up, not a professional cleaner. I also found bugs crawling on these sheets. The ice maker was not working either. I have pictures to prove all of this.

After researching the VRBO site for the particular unit (Palazzo 1607) we were ?wrongly placed in,? the cost of this unit was $227.00 per night, as advertised on the VRBO LISTING, which equals = $681 plus taxes. So why was I charged $795 for this unit, if the cost is only $691??? Nothing makes any sense, except the fact that Resort Quest tried to dupe me, I booked early enough (June, 2013) for our stay over Labor Day to be booked in the actual unit I booked on the website (VRBO LISTING #167341).

I am livid over this gross mismanagement error or intentional duping by Resort Quest. If I do not get an immediate and satisfactory response to this email, I will be turning this matter over to my attorney. I will also notify news agencies that specialize in exposing fraudulent businesses. I will expose Resort Quest for ruining a long awaited vacation for rest and relaxation.

As a PROPERTY OWNER that also advertises on VRBO myself, I will contact every property owner who uses Resort Quest as their booking agent and report this flagrant mismanagement of handling bookings.

Penny Romine

[email protected]


Robin M., 2013-09-09, 09:12PM CDT

How do you know you booked early enough? You couldn't possibly know that unless you worked at the resort. Also, do you realize the $166 discount that was offered to you was more than what you are actually entitled to based on what you say the units cost per night. Finally, I would love to see your pictures of the bugs on the bed! I say that because if I found that you can bet anything I would NOT have stayed there; I would have submitted said pictures to my credit card company as I did the charge back since I didn't stay there!

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