Sears and Discover Card - Won't Honor Warranty on Freezer

Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 1:34pm CDT by 46ba2214

Product: Kenmore chest freezer

Company: Sears and Discover Card

Location: Customer Service - General Inquiries Discover Financial Services P.O. Box 30943 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943 Sears -- Richland Mall Waco 6001 W. Waco Drive Waco TX 76710
WACO, TX, 76710, US


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Almost two years ago, I purchased a small Kenmore chest freezer from the Sears Roebuck Store in Waco, Texas. (Address: Richland Mall, 6001 W. Waco Drive, Waco TX 76710). June Davis was the saleslady and I have since been told she's now retired. I used my Discover Card to buy the freezer in order to get a discount; Discover also said that it would double the warranty -- the length of time my appliance is covered by the warranty. Therefore, I did not purchase an additional warranty on the appliance. Sears' warranty was good for one year and therefore Discover's was good for an additional year.

Thirteen months after I bought the freezer, it went out. The green indicator light stayed on, indicating it had electrical power, so I did not realize anything was wrong for quite some time. (I used the chest freezer for longer-term storage, and used the freezer on top of my refrigerator-freezer to store things I would use every day.)

One day, I went to get something from the chest freezer and when I opened the lid, the sickening smell of rotten food, spoiled meat and melted ice cream almost knocked me out, it was so bad. The motor had stopped running at some point, and therefore the freezer was not cooling and everything had melted and spoiled. I lost several hundred dollars' worth of meat, ice cream and frozen fruits and vegetables, and several loaves of bread I had stored in the freezer. My entire house reeked of the odor of rotten food for weeks, no matter what I tried to do to get rid of this stench.

I contacted Discover, and was told that yes, they will cover the loss since it had not been 24 months since I bought the appliance. I think any appliance that goes out after one year and one month is a piece of crap, and I made it clear I do NOT trust that Kenmore hunk of junk freezer to store food in any more, and I want it gone. Instead, they are trying to force me to get it repaired. I am not dishonest enough to have it repaire and then sell it in a garage sale, as someone suggested I do; that would mean the secondhand buyer would potentially experience the same problem as I did -- and maybe even a house fire from possible faulty wiring.

When I call, and I have called numerous times, Discover passes the buck and says they have some sort of insurance company that handles cases like mine and the Discover customer service rep transfers my call to their company. Long story short, I have yet to be reimbursed. I get no money back but if I had a dime for every excuse they've given me, I'd be a millionaire by now.

Talk about jumping through hoops of fire and get tangled up in red tape! I've had to call Sears to unearth copies of sales receipts and guarantees; these I've sent in. At least twice. They get sent back with a letter saying this isn't enough. Whatever paperwork the insurors want apparently does not exist and never did.

Of course, this is a deliberate attempt to get me to drop my claim so the company does not have to pay me the $214 purchase price.

The last time I tangled with the assholes, they wanted me to pay for the repairman's service call, so that a repairman can tell us what common sense would tell us: that the Kenmore freezer is not to be trusted any more, it went out after only a few months' service and only a fool would put any frozen food in the piece of crap and expect this problem not to happen again.

They also want to send some sort of inspector out to see the freezer: this has never happened, and I have the freezer stored in my garage. Even though I have heavy items such as concrete blocks atop that dead Kenmore freezer, I still do not think it is safe: I fear what would happen should a child come into my garage and want to play hide and seek. If he tried to get into the chest freezer, he could die or something. But I'm told I have to keep this freezer for their inspector to come inspect it. But they never send an inspector!

I have since bought a Frigidare upright freezer from Home Depot; I do not care to ever go through Sears again and hell will freeze over before I buy anything else made by Kenmore! I only want to be reimbursed my purchase price, as promised. That is only fair!(They really should also send me money for the many groceries I lost, but I don't have receipts, as I bought different items at different times from different supermarkets...)

Every time I call, there is some new, complicated and ridiculous requirement that is impossible for anyone to fulfill. I believe Jesus Christ Himself would not be able to procure all the supposedly "required documentation", some of it which is no doubt fabricatead by whichever operator I talk to. This is definiately a case of consumer fraud!

If anyone is reading this, my advice to you is to not buy Kenmore appliances; do not buy from Sears; and do not believe the lies Discover Card tells you about extending warranties so you would get your money back in case of product failure.

I hope can help me get my money back, but I fear Discover and its warranty-fulfillment insurance company have no intention of ever doing the right thing.


Robert Allyn L., 2013-09-09, 08:56AM CDT


The warranty rules do apply equally to everyone including you.

That means the people providing the warranty repair rather than replace.

It also means that since you told them you refuse to accept a repair what you actually told them was, "I dont want it repaired so you dont have to provide warranty coverage."

UNDER THE TERMS OF YOUR WARRANTY they can make that stick in Court, so don't expect another call or visit ever on this issue.

Robin M., 2013-09-09, 10:11PM CDT

Robert is completely right! You are not above anyone else! But hey, let's go on your theory for a minute that they should pay you the $214 you paid for the freezer. That would mean the months you did get to use it you shouldn't have to pay any compensation for, WRONG AGAIN! If I was the warranty/insurance company I would offer to pay you the fair market value of the used and non-working freezer just to shut you up; that would be about $1, and even that is probably too much!

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