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Posted on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 at 4:07pm CDT by Ima S.

Company: Comcast

Location: US

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I have been a loyal customer of Comcast for several years. I have never been late on a payment and have even sent them new customers. Of course when I signed up for Comcast the representative told me that they had a referral service and I would get $50.00 off my bill every time somebody used my name and signed up for a year. I sent them three people and never got anything for it. I was later told that the rep must have lied to me as they never had any such referral program. Nice. Send people out to represent you to the public and have them lie to you. In hindsight hat should have been a red flag.

The problems began after the first year and a half of service. I got an e-mail telling me that as a reward for being such a loyal customer I was to get a free Internet speed upgrade to their "Extreme 105" for three months. No need to call, just turn off my modem and when it came back on like magic I would have it. No magic. I called to let them know that it didn't work and over the next month received many calls from them to tell me that they were working on it and hours of talking with a tech who would ask me to turn off my modem and do this and do that. None of it worked.

I finally sent an e-mail to an address somebody gave me as a Comcast corporate e-mail and I actually got a call from them telling me they were sending somebody to fix the problem. After he got here he called to ask them if they had set the boot file for my modem to the correct speed (which I had asked the techs many times over the phone) and they said "Hey! That is the problem"! Like magic it started working. Great!

Everything was fine for the next week or so until I got my next bill. Suddenly it had jumped over a hundred dollars a month! I call and they tell me that it is correct. I had a service call and of course the change to my account fee and oh yes, how about that 105.00 a month for the "Extreme 105" that I ordered? Yes....believe it. I spent the next several weeks trying to get that straightened out and I finally did, or at least I thought I did. My next bill was correct but then I realized that I was missing some channels and my "Extreme 105" was suddenly gone. Great. Here we go again. I called to talk to the lady who helped me the first time but she was no longer there. She had told me she had been there for over 25 years....but now....she was gone! Great. I complained long enough and loud enough that somebody finally heard me and decided to help out after all. They tell me they are sorry for any stress they put me though and tell me that to apologize they will give me the package I have now at a much better rate. I say that will be fine and finally everything is okay again. Right? WRONG!

The next bill I get is over twice what it should be. I call again and around and around we go again. I am told it is fixed...but wait...channels missing again. I am told the channels are back again but when I get online to pay the bill it is still almost twice what I was told it will be. I get an e-mail from a "Customer Service" (hahahahahah) rep who tells me that the bill has been revised but they don't send out revision bills so I should just go ahead and pay what it shows and they will credit me next month. Firstly I am a handicapped disabled vet and live on a fixed income so I don't have that kind of money to throw around and secondly, why would I do that when I was told that the problem had been corrected. Just tell me the right amount and I will pay it.

Next I get a voice mail from a "Mr BlahBlah". I say that because it wasn't Ken BlahBlah or Jeff BlahBlah but "Mr" BlahBlah. Anybody who has ever dealt with big corporations knows that when somebody doesn't want you to have their first name there is usually a reason for it. There was. He finally calls me back after I call and leave him multiple voice mails and proceeds to tell me how I am basically all wrong and these things don't just happen. Have you ever been talked down to and you can just hear the insinuations dripping from the tone in their voice? I have and it is not a good feeling.

Anyway, the bottom line is they are not changing the bill and they were apparently just trying to get me to pay it with the "go ahead and pay it and we will credit you next month" routine. I didn't fall for it so they send in their corporate "hit" man with no first name to tell me what a lowlife I am without actually saying it. Nice. I am done with Comcast and all their ineptitude and lies. I can't understand why companies work so hard to get customers and then don't want to do anything to keep them. I hope one day the numbers finally work their way around and they end up with not enough customers to keep going. If and when that happens you can bet I will be there on the sidelines with an applause sign.

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l r., 2013-10-14, 09:14PM CDT

Comcast: I will do with out service if they are the only providers. bad out side wires I would lose phone and internet for days, my bill was always higher each month and they always had a story for it, I would get bills with new stations added when I call them they say well you ordered them as I argue this lie they hang up on me, I have to call back and wait on hold again. my disabled mother was without phone internet tv for 5 days because they continued not to show up to fix problem . oh and she had just been out of the hospital for 2 weeks after major heart attack. how when you sign up they have you pay a month ahead but when you cancel service you still owe for that month. when I did take my boxes back after 40 min. wait they asked why I was leaving them I told them the guy replied well the other companies are going to do the same thing. ?!!!!!!oh and can not forget they had on my credit report that I owed them $500.00 Lie they could not prove that because it was a lie. they said they will remove it . guessing when I check my report this year it will still be there. I can not warn people enough against this company.

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