Bharti Airtel - Hopeless Service

Posted on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 at 9:42am CDT by mn R.

Product: Airtel Mobile

Company: Bharti Airtel


Category: Telecommunications

I had applied for a micro SIM about 10 days ago and was asked to wait for 72 hours for it to be activated. I did so and when the SIM did not get activated I contacted your customer service.

My first shock came when I was told that the DOB on my records does not match the DOB on the identity proof. I was then asked to verify my DOB and email ID, neither of which matched the ones on your record. I was hence asked to visit a customer SERVICE (which in no way provides any kind of service) center and happened to visit Ascent Communication at 1-8-702/b/1, Sri Kamashi Bhavan, VST road, Vidhyanagar, Hyd. Here, I happened to meet the worst customer service representatives ever who wouldn?t have ever heard the words ?courtesy? or ?empathy?. When I asked to see what DOB and email was updated in the records, they showed me this information. The DOB was nowhere close and the email ID was [email protected] (who on earth would have an email ID as weird as this?) When I told them that this was not information that I had given the company, they just looked blank. There was no sign of apology though the mistake was at your end. They just asked me to submit a letter with my correct email ID and DOB with an identity proof and informed me that records would be updated within 3 days (business days/days, no idea). They also gave me an acknowledgement slip with a stamp and signature.

I called 121 after 3 business days, however, and was asked for a reference number, which I told them I hadn?t been given. They asked for my DOB and email again which did not match with the records. I told them that I had indeed submitted a request but was only given an acknowledgement on a plain paper to which they told me that if that was the case I would have to visit the same SERVICE center again.

My worst fears came true when I visited the service center again today and was told that the change was not effected as the system was not accepting the updates from their end (again without any sense of being sorry). I asked them why I was not informed to which they obviously had no answer. They called someone and told me that a certain man who they had spoken to will now take care of the issue and the change would be effected in the next 48 hours. I asked again for a reference number but was told that there wouldn?t be one because I hadn?t filled a form but had only given an application. While I am still waiting to see if they keep their promise this time, the whole experience was nothing less than a criminal disregard to my time and effort.

Though I do not understand why I would need to submit documents while applying for a micro SIM (as this is an existing connection and not a new one), I respected the fact that it could have been some kind of security measure that I probably do not fully understand and tried to cooperate. However, this kind of customer support will not only make it very annoying to cooperate but also take away the willingness to continue as your customer.

I was a very loyal Airtel customer until this experience but do not see any reason why I should continue to be. I strongly now consider moving away to another service and recommending my friends and relatives to do so.


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