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Posted on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at 6:06pm CDT by Jeffrey Smith P.


Company: Amazon

Location: 1200 12th Ave. South
SEATTLE, WA, 98144-2734, US


Category: Online Scams

There is even a newer scam perpetrated by Amazon and their third party sellers.

The scam is to send you more than you ordered, hoping that you will not bother to seek a refund on a small order.

I have 3 examples of this:

- ordered 1 antivirus program. Received and charged for three.

- ordered 1 baseball cap. Received two.

- ordered 1 waste container. Received two

An even newer scam is to hijack your account and charge you for items you have not ordered. For example, out of nowhere came a charge for an Epson printer, plus a two year warranty by Four square. any of these are from external malware. Partial remedy: Change your password and e-mail for Amazon log-in. When you log-out, close your browser.

I am no longer prepared to face the vast hoard of crooked third party sellers, and will no longer use Amazon.



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