Net10 - UMX Bravo

Posted on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at 3:40pm CDT by Paul S.

Product: UMX Bravo

Company: Net10

Location: US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I purchased a UMX Bravo cell phone and had it freeze up on me in about a week's time. I called net10 regarding this and was sent a replacement phone of the same make and model. I used the replacement for about a week and had the same problem occur. I was told I'd be sent a replacement of the same model and make since that was company policy. I asked for a refund or if I could trade that phone for another one of equal or less value and was told no since it wasn't company policy. Since when would a company not offer this kind of resolution to a customer? I'm not asking for anything more than what I had and I would be a satisfied customer by this happening. Any company that I've ever thought of or dealt with would be happy to this resolution so why does net10 think they are any different? I've been with them for years and if this doesn't get solved to my satisfaction i'll be leaving them happily. I'll be letting everyone I come into contact with know about this as well as posting this on every site I can find. I understand company's have policies but this is absurd. Im told that there is no one I can talk to at net10 that can help me which I don't believe. I've contacted the BBB regarding this also. If anyone out there has been through anything similar please comment and let me know how it was solved or if there's any other place or person I can contact would be greatly appreciated.


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