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Posted on Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 10:56am CDT by gail r.

Company: Directv

Location: US


Category: TV, Music, Video

Called on 8-15-13 to upgrade service. Scheduled install for 8-31-13, between 8-12. Called at 9:50am, automated voice advises will take 3hours 45mins to install (?) So why isn't installer here yet??? Call Directv, get someone named Joe who attempts to placate me by repeating my service order info. I don't need that, I need to know WHEN IS THE INSTALLER GOING TO GET HERE! He then states that the 8-12 window means tech can arrive at any time within those hours. Really? And when did they plan on telling me that? I have things to do, it's SATURDAY! And t no time when I set up the appointment was this information divulged to me! So, Joe says he'll call dispatch and they will call me back within 20 minutes. That was at 10am. At 10:40, my husband calls back, since we never got a phone call. He spoke with Alicia, who told him that the technician cancelled the order when dispatch called him to place a call to us! My husband asked for a supervisor (AJ,id#10051299), who told him that, no the order had not been cancelled, our order was "still on the board". THEN he says that there's no technician assigned?!?!? But they still have an hour to get someone here. AS I AM TYPING THIS COMPLAINT, I get a call from Billie Jean (31544) at Directv installation (Multiband) who tells me that the supposed tech who WAS (or was there one?) assigned has called out sick and they will need to reschedule our appointment!!!! I HATE THIS COMPANY WITH EVERYTHING IN ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!! And supposedly, we're to reschedule with no consideration being given for the fact that we've wasted an entire morning with this nonsense. Now Billie Jean is saying that she can reschedule, but cannot guarantee that we will be the first appointment, which we should be, given the grief we've experienced today. I would like to believe that DIRECTV has better customer service than this. But they are proving time and time again to not live up to the commercials that they so proudly air on tv!


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Robin M., 2013-09-01, 04:36PM CDT

While I do feel slightly sympathetic that you did not get your installation done when scheduled, by no means is the world going to end; which you make it sound like. I don't work for for DirecTV but I do work in customer service, and you sound like the customer from hell. You have seriously got to be the only person on earth that does not know when a cable company says between 8-12 that it means anytime between those hours. I knew that when I was 10! Also, I'm pretty sure the customer service operators at the corporate number have absolutely NO CONTROL over a local technician calling in sick. Things happen, haven't you ever called in sick to work? Grow up! If you're so unhappy get a different provider. If you stay with DirecTV then you are just a hypocrite!

gail r., 2013-09-01, 07:05PM CDT

First of all, Robin, no one asked for your two cents. Second of all, I too worked in csr svc, and am well aware of what the parameters mean. At issue is the fact of the LACK of csr svc. As as I have no other options for service, staying with them does not make me a hypocrite, it makes me a customer with limited options. So, if you don't mind, take your 10 year old knowledge and post on someone else's page. I will do what I need to do to get tge service I EXPECT from the company that prides itself on its csr svc. So keep your useless, uninformed opinions to yourself.

Robin M., 2013-09-01, 09:25PM CDT

You asked for the world's two cents when you decided to write a rediculous complaint on a website that anyone can create an account on. So I guess I am free to post here whatever I want. Also, don't "claim" you have no other choice than DirecTV; there's Dish Network or to just go without. Cable television is not a necessity to survive. People like you are what drives some people out of customer service; you are too demanding and think you are always right. I would love to have you call me sometime though because you are the kind of person my co-workers and I laugh about.

l r., 2013-10-14, 09:22PM CDT

my mother-in-law stayed with us for a while. she wanted direct tv when she moved we called to have direct tv in our name. mind you all the wires the satellite dish was in place just add a box. they sent someone they hire out . he showed up he left came back hours later. hooked up the boxes , then told me I had to write to him (personally) a check for 65.00 . he claimed he had to go under the house to do something to wires . all we had done when mother in law moved was unscrew boxes. DTV did not fix the problem. this was Christmas time also.

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