Hartman Today Painters - Hartman Today Painters. RIP OFF, SCAM!

Posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at 2:41pm CDT by Rich D.

Company: Hartman Today Painters

Location: no address

Category: Building, Construction

Guy on the phone who schedules painters was very rude after he sent unprofessionals to my house! Sent people to my house who were just hired off line this guy just wants finder fees. Sent a husband wife team with some people they said they picked up at 7-11. I can't believe how much of a rip off and scam this is. Had to ask crew to leave and was threatened by whoever answers the phones calls himself Jason. Did some research on this so called company they change names every few months to avoid detection of people they rip off! Look for any public records of Hartman you won't find any! Take my advice and hire someone more reputable.

(202) 699-0923 (202) 910-6298



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