LibSyn Media - Libsyn only offers full access to paid service to smartphone users,

Posted on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 at 2:01pm CDT by RM408

Product: LibSyn Premium Podcasting Access

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"LIBSYN charges for premium access, but unfortunately, the only way to access the full features of this service is to use a smartphone. I did not and have not seen in any of the advertising or fine print from LIBSYN that Smartphones are required to get the full benefits of Premium service . As far as their customer service goes, I began trying to resolve this issue on Sunday, not getting an initial response till Monday. This ?response? apparently drafted by someone who did not read my original email, directed me to apps which are required to download the content. Unfortunately, the apps they sent were for Smartphones only. I sent another query to customer service, repeating my question ( are smartpnoes REQUIRED to get full access to premium content, and if so, why are you shutting out PC users What is your policy and where in the fine print do you state Smartphone?s are REQUIRED for full benefits of this paid premium service? Is there an app or program for Windows users?) I got a response at 7:44am CST on Tuesday, This is what it said.

Hi X*X*X*X*,

We apologize for the delayed response. We've merged your more recent ticket with your earlier ticket (UXM-517-60299).

We've forwarded your question to our App Ops team -- you will receive an email response shortly.

Please email us if you have any questions in the meantime.

Thank you,


As of 2pm Wednesday, I have still not heard back from them.

So much for their customer service response. Frankly, I have to wonder if they have some vested interest in the sales of smartphones, I can?t think of any other reason they would pursue the course they are on, or why they have simply ignored my questions. It would stand to reason they do not WANT to answer because they are deliberately cutting off PC users from full access and are simply hoping no one will notice. While still collecting subscriptions for premium service without letting the customer know they cannot get to the content. Unfortunately, not everyone can listen ?live? so to speak, and being able to download the podcasts for use when an internet connection is not available. And not everyone wants to pay for the bandwidth used by a smartphone.

Libsyn is apparently owned by Wizzard, and here is what Wikipedia says about their services ?

Liberated Syndication, often shortened to LibSyn, is a podcast media hosting company which opened in November 2004. It offers hosting of files to podcast producers under a monthly subscription model. Libsyn users have unlimited downloads and do not sign over content, maintaining ownership of their work.

Unlimited downloads? What a shame it?s not true.

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Business Reply  Rob W., 2013-12-19, 12:13AM CST

You can access premium content from the webpage where you signed up on any PC or Mac - no smartphone required.

Which show were you purchasing premium access to?

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