Robert Michael Ltd - Any help?

Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 12:44pm CDT by Kim H.

Product: Rocky Mountain Sofa

Company: Robert Michael Ltd

Location: US

Category: Furniture

Just putting this out there because I don't know where else to go. Does anyone have experience with Robert Michael, Ltd. furniture? I had a sofa sleeper (Allen White) for 14 years and with our tax return, finally found enough money in our budget to buy a new couch- special order. I bought from Nebraska Furniture Mart in May and it was delivered in July. The couch has worn horribly in 2 months and looks worse than my 14 year old one. Now the seams on the cushions have come undone and the piping strip has popped through one of the cushion. The back pillows sit 3-4 inches lower than the back of the couch- the whole thing is a mess. I am so sad and feel very foolish to have spent so much money. NFM is coming out Friday to "mend" what then can, but obviously because it was special order, can't do much. What's even worse, there is no way to get a hold of the company. Even NFM admitted (when they tried to do a web search) that it looks like Robert Michael Ltd. has done a lot to ensure they cannot be contacted. The only phone number I've found for them is not correct. Why would ANY furniture company do business with a company even they can't contact? Thoughts....????


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