Larry Gill - Buger King Service

Posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at 8:48pm CDT by Larry G.

Company: Larry Gill

Location: US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

I went to Buger King on 1315 4th ave NE in Marysville, Wa on Aug 25, 2013. They were'nt real busy and I ordered 2 combo meals to go. Double whopper meal and Chicken meal. Order # 84 at 6:36 PM. I didn,t get the double whopper I ordered. They gave me a single whopper.This order was to go and I live across town and discovered the error after I got home. This is the 3 rd time the order has been wrong and always when I order a double whopper. I called the resteraunt manager and explained my problem. All I got was" I,m sorry" all 3 times it has happened. I asked for the managers name and she disconnected me on the phone. I was calm about it and the manager was less than professional handling this complaint. I was charged the Double whopper price and felt like if the employees are having this much trouble counting from 1 to 2 burger patties they should find a simpler minded job. I will not be doing any business at Burger King in the future as they are very unprofessional and should have handled this much differently. No More for me!!!


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