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Posted on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 at 4:38am CDT by Sandra F.

Product: Agnes Wilson

Company: Pensioner

Location: US

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I went to visit my friend Nan last night and she told me her telephone was very crackley she is 92 and is disabled she also wears two hearing aids so her telephone is a lifeline really and at the moment she can't hear what people are saying to her because of the fault. Her neice telephoned on Saturday 17th to register the fault and she was told that someone would be out within 3 to 4 days to repair it! So far nothing.

She has an alert system which is connected to her telephone line and it is working fine so it sounds as though the problem is coming from the phone itself. I telephoned faults last night (Thursday) and when I mentioned this and asked for an engineer to come out and plug in a new phone I was told by someone called Veeta that it would cost her ?99 when I complained about this she said that she could send a phone out in the post I said that Nan's telephone is on an extension and it was a connection that an ordinary telephone connection might not fit! All of a sudden we were cut off. I don't know whether she cut me off or not but she didn't try to phone back! I dialled 100 and spoke to someone called Stuart when I tried to explain what the problem was he put me back on the faults que which was very frustrating as I had already been in that que for a good 15 minutes before I got through the first time. To cut a long story short I made a fruther 3 calls and explained Nan's predicament to no avail.

BT is a large company Nan is 92 and has been a customer with them for many many years and has always paid her bill on time (this can all be checked your end) I think she is entitled to an engineer visiting her without charge! That's what good business' do to keep their customers! Her telephone no is 01698 359271 and she lives at 14 Anstruther Street Law ML8 5JG.

I hope you or someone from your company can help her.


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