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Posted on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 at 1:04am CDT by Sheri F.

Product: hd projector

Company: HD Projector World

Location: RICHMOND, BC, v6x3s1, CA

Category: Consumer Electronics

I had purchased an HD projector on the 10th of Aug 2013, add states 3 / 5 days for shipping. It is the 23rd of Aug and I still have no projector. I have called the company several times to get nothing but the run around. on the 14th Aug I called and I was told it was shipped out that day and I will receive by Friday. Well Friday came and gone and still no projector, so I called on Monday the 19th after being on hold for 30 min I was speaking with Jason if that was his true name because he paused when I ask for his name. Well now I am told that it just shipped out today and I was given a tracking number for fed x, I then ask why was I told it was shipped last Wednesday he said I gave you a tracking number that should make you happy. Then Jason said here is what we will do for you giving you a free extended warranty for the projector ordered. I said warranty for what I have no projector and probably will not get one after reading your company is a scam! Then I said I want my account credited I was put on hold stayed on line for over 45 min and finally hung up. I then called fed x and I was told my package was never picked up, all they did was put a request in and then cxld it. I then called back Tuesday and now speaking with Justin? sounded like Jason that I had spoke to every time I told him what fed x said and he tried telling me it takes fed x 24/48 hr for their system to update, incorrect when its scanned into the system it updates from that point, I told Justin I am not stupid your company is a scam I just wished I would have researched before I gave you people my hard earned money. I then said again I want a refund and I was told I would have to call back in 4 hours and he hung up. I called back again 4 hours later and go no answer, called the next day I told them I want a refund once again I was told to call back in 4 hours. I said what we going to do this day after day? I want a refund I will not call back lets get this taken care of, said to call back 4 hours and he hung up. I then contacted my bank and they are going to take care of them..SO BEWARE IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!


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