Orleans Homebuilder - I think I Win The worse story Prize! What did I Win!!!, a Nightmare!!!!!!

Posted on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 at 11:12pm CDT by Eddie J.

Company: Orleans Homebuilder

Location: 700 Forest Point Cir #102 Charlotte, NC

URL: www.orleanshomes.com

Category: Building, Construction

Built my home in 2005. List too long so I'll try to keep it short by just listing the problems from 2005 to 2013.

Home not finished for several weeks after closing.

In 2005:Gas leak in rear wall of family room, Gas company ripped siding off house to make repair.

All hardwood floors pulled up due to large cracks in concrete slab. Electrical system overloaded causing power outages. Electrical box too small for home size which caused power outages when using lights and vacuum at the same time, why would anyone need to do that? Outlets don't work or spark if used.

2006:Attic opening placed over washer and dryer, unable to access attic first 11 months. More cracks in concrete slab more flooring removed.

After replacing two gas dryers I discovered the builder didn't connect the dryer vent to the exterior venting system, this could have caused a explosion! More cracks in our slab, every room on my first floor has had severe cracks. Roof leak, and another gas leak in the area of the furnace. I have four rooms of my home with black staining on the floor which is believed to be MOLD. After spending 4,000 on engineers I found out the builder didn't place a deepen concrete slab under the load bearing wall which is the cause of all the cracks in my slab, walls and ceiling! Our bay window was build slightly off the slab. It's as if they forgot our home came with a bay window. Instead of fixing the problem and pouring more concrete they placed brick on the ground and place a thin layer of concrete over the brick and built the bay window on top!!!! When the flooring was install they punched holes in the what should have been a thick slab. Now I have air, moisture and anything small enough to crawl in, coming through the wholes. I have had to stuff installation in the wholes and cover with plastic. On top of it all I have untreated wood under the bay window on the exterior of my home. Can you think of a better meal for termites! THIS BUILDER STILL REFUSES TO MAKE ANY REPAIRS. WE HAVE OVER 40,000 IN NEEDED REPAIRS. IF YOU BUILD WITH THIS COMPANY AFTER EVERYTHING I AND OTHERS HAVE SAID. ALL I CAN SAY IS YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!


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