Guess Accessories - wrong information of watch

Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 2:55pm CDT by khat

Product: Guess watch U18511G1

Company: Guess Accessories

Location: 90-15 Queens Blvd


Category: Jewelry, Watches

i purchased a watch at Guess accessories around sept to nov 2011. were informed that watch we bought is an automatic watch. Last april my dad told me the watch stop and i go to store ask about warranty but it end up us to send the watch to repair shop on our country cause it will cost as in same price with the repair shop of guess. My dad found out the reason why the watch stop it is because it run out of battery. So it means we bought a quartz watch not a automatic watch. So i came back to the to the store and show the picture of my watch and ask them again if the watch is automatic or not then still said that is a AUTOMATIC watch then i told them what we discover then they challenge me to bring back the watch and prove them what im talking about.

Last Aug 17 I go to repair shop inside the mall where also the guess accessories store. I ask the repair man to check what kind of watch is it then he said its a QUARTZ watch. I go back to guess store

ask the sales lady and show the watch still the sales lady say its a automatic watch and when i told her the story then she change her words.and she say for her to determine if the watch is a automatic it should have 3 changing buttons on the side. then she make a compensation with me. im allow to exchange my watch to the real automatic watch then she show me a watch according to her thats a real automatic watch cause it has 3changing button on the side but i didnt swap my watch cause i need to add more money to match up the price on the new watch instead i told her i want a refund but she said i cant make a refund.

Last Monday Aug 20 i decided to go on guest services on the mall to complaint about the guess store then they said it will take a while to have a response regarding my complaint. so i go back to the store and try if i can make another arrangement to the company. But I approach the different lady and for the last time i ask the watch if its a automatic or not then still she said YES. then i try to ask the watch that suppose to be the replacement / compensation to my complaint then im shock the sales lady said its NOT a automatic watch then i told her everything then she call her manager Kristina S. then i explain again to her but im already mad so my voice is in a high tone but more shocking the manager explained also in a high toned. shes mad and raise her voice while depending their side so she want to make a compensation again make a exchange on my watch but i already refuse because i dont know how im going to trust the people inside. it almost twice i been fooled by the store. What if i swap my watch and add $50 more to match up the price what would i do or feel. instead of making me calm down the manager also is on heat explaining to me their side. then i get the name of the manager and she told me that i cant make a complaint because she already giving me a solution if i want to wait i go wait still on a high tone of voice. then she told me its been 2yrs she work to the store so she know what is automatic or not but she didnt know that the watch i bought last 2011 is not a automatic watch then she show a box of watch and telling to me if its automatic watch it was written on the box but as far as i know the box they gave to us theirs no written a automatic. so i dont know what really the truth about the store do they dont know or pretending that they dont know.


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