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Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 7:57pm CDT by anna b.

Product: Cable tv, Internet, Phones

Company: COMCAST

Location: US


Category: Entertainment

22 August 2013: I have just spent a fruitless half hour or more trying to become a COMCAST repeat customer (today).

My husband and I were COMCAST customers (TV and Internet) until we sold our house last year. We cancelled our services since we didn't need any.

We recently bought a new house and will be moving in shortly and so I called I 800 226 2278 to set up TV, Internet and Phone services. To cut a very long story short, Tina (sales representative) told me that there's no way I can set up an account without a SOCIAL SECURITY number.

As non-resident visitors to the USA we do not have Social Security numbers and that has not hindered getting AT&T, Direct TV and other utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity) since 1994; and Comcast off and on since 1994 - except for today.

And not having a Social Security number hasn't stopped me from getting any of the aforementioned set up now, prior to moving into our new home - with the sole exception of COMCAST.

I have a bank account and credit cards here in the USA.

Why has COMCAST changed it's policy and refuse new business without a Social Security number?

In ASIA, any expatriate would be able to set up utilities, cable TV and phone services with a passport alone.

When will Comcast expand it's parochial mindset and ways? (It claims to be global).


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