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Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 7:57pm CDT by anna b.

Product: Cable tv, Internet, Phones

Company: COMCAST

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22 August 2013: I have just spent a fruitless half hour or more trying to become a COMCAST repeat customer (today).

My husband and I were COMCAST customers (TV and Internet) until we sold our house last year. We cancelled our services since we didn't need any.

We recently bought a new house and will be moving in shortly and so I called I 800 226 2278 to set up TV, Internet and Phone services. To cut a very long story short, Tina (sales representative) told me that there's no way I can set up an account without a SOCIAL SECURITY number.

As non-resident visitors to the USA we do not have Social Security numbers and that has not hindered getting AT&T, Direct TV and other utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity) since 1994; and Comcast off and on since 1994 - except for today.

And not having a Social Security number hasn't stopped me from getting any of the aforementioned set up now, prior to moving into our new home - with the sole exception of COMCAST.

I have a bank account and credit cards here in the USA.

Why has COMCAST changed it's policy and refuse new business without a Social Security number?

In ASIA, any expatriate would be able to set up utilities, cable TV and phone services with a passport alone.

When will Comcast expand it's parochial mindset and ways? (It claims to be global).

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Sam C., 2014-10-09, 06:51PM CDT

Comcast charges EXTRA for high-def TV... high-def is now the STANDARD; YOU CAN'T BUY A TV THAT IS LOW-DEF!!!! But their customer service people will say you can!!!!! Where? At Joes TV Store?????

They want your business but then when they get it they really go out of their way to shaft their customers!!!

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