VIP Destinations Las Vegas - VIP Destinations and Tommy Middaugh are Thieves and Liars

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 12:18pm CDT by Alex R.

Product: Travel Membership

Company: VIP Destinations Las Vegas

Location: 10606 Camino Ruiz Suite 8 Number 340
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92126, US


Category: Travel, Vacations

I just Paid VIP destinations Las Vegas $800 for 5 years of membership. They told me that they weer the actual Elite Destinations company i signed up with. I did a charge back and am trying to get my money back. I spoke wit the owners Jeannette Bunn and Tommy Midduagh and they basically told me to F*** off. They are scammers liars and cheaters. Their website is If you are working with these people be very careful as they will do whatever they can to steal all your money. The correct company is Elite Destinations and that is what it says on my contract. also on my contract it shows the website is is the correct site with the correct company if you are not with them than you are being scammed.


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