Warner's Gas Service - Installation & Delivery, Etc. of LPG...

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 11:38am CDT by f143305c

Company: Warner's Gas Service

Location: 116 Vestal Road
VESTAL, NY, 13850, US

Category: Other

Their service leaves much to be desired. In August of 2007, they installed a 330 Gallon propane tank in the yard.

They had to lay copper tubing from the tank to the house. In the process of installing the copper tubing, they "sawed" through a water drain pipe (made of a form of plastic) in the ground. They did this after I told them that there was a water drain pipe in the ground.

Starting this year (in January of 2013) they discontinued leaving invoice (delivery) receipts at the house on the day of delivery of the LPG. This prevented customers from being able to determine how much LPG was used during the month. They also don't let the customer know when (during the month) delivery is going to be done.

And I might add that they state the following in their Pre-Buy agreement... "No refunds of any type will be issued for pre-purchased gallons to any customer who elects to discontinue service with Warner's Gas Service for any reason".


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