Solution Reach - Smile Reminder Doesn't Make My Patients Smile

Posted on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 10:11pm CDT by Rick B.

Product: Solution Reach

Company: Solution Reach

Location: 2912 Executive Parkway Suite #300
LEHI, UT, 84083, US


Category: Telecommunications

Solution Reach also known as Smile Reminder is a company which uses the internet and the cell phone to remind patients of their appointments. I was told by Solution Reach that this service would increase the number of my patients keeping their appointments. In reality this company was very limited in what it could do regarding meeting their obligations. Many patients do not respond internet, cell phone reminders nor phone calls. Our previous system of direct patient contact worked much better. I do not recommend doctor's offices use this system. It is limited in scope, impersonal, and is not able to interact in real time with patients questions or concerns. Additionally is is extremely expensive not only in the monthly service fee but in the loss of patient retention besides being very impersonal.


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