Mountain View Tire and Service - Will break your car for only $1200

Posted on Monday, August 19th, 2013 at 3:02pm CDT by Sara

Product: Vehicle Repair

Company: Mountain View Tire and Service

Location: 19401 Ventura Blvd.
TARZANA, CA, 91356, US


Category: Products, Services

I've been taking my cars to these guys for over 10 years. Not because I like them, but because they seemed better than the other shops I've dealt with. At least, that's what I THOUGHT!

On my most recent visit, I took my car into these guys complaining that it was pulling dramatically to the right whenever I would step on the gas. They took a look and called me reporting that three motor mounts and two transmission mounts were all broken which was making the car pull and lurch. Then, they went on to tell me that I needed new struts. The quote for all these repairs was over $1600. I figured I could wait to do the struts, but needed to fix the motor mounts and transmission mounts, so we agreed on a price of $1200 to fix all 5 broken mounts.

A few days later, I picked up my car and was happy to discover that the car was driving normally. However, they had ripped the glove compartment open, breaking it. It was opened when I picked it up and would not close anymore, however it was closed when I took the car to them.

I called them and they told me to bring back the car. I brought back the car the following day, and was told that the person I needed to speak with would be out for two days and I would need to bring the car back then. I insisted on leaving the car with them, as I don't have time to be taking the car back and forth.

After a week, they called and told me that they were able to repair the glove box and I could come and pick up the car. When I got in, I noticed that the glove box was closed. It was warm, so I went to roll down the window, but it didn't move. Then I looked closer and could see that the window tint had been scratched off and the door panel was loose. I'm guessing that they slammed the door hard, making the window fall down inside the door. They used some tool to grab the window and pull it up, which scratched the window tint, and then propped it up, off the rails. Again, it was operating normally when I took the car in. Funny thing is, this was the exact same shop that had fixed the same window about a year earlier when the motor had broken.

Then, further inspection of the glove box revealed that instead of fixing the glove box, they had glued it shut.

Unwilling to risk further damage to the car, I took it to another shop to get the glove box and window fixed. During this repair, they lifted up the car to reveal that only 2 of the motor / transmission mounts had been changed.

So, long story short, they charged me $1200 to replace 5 motor / transmission mounts, only replaced 2, broke my glove box, then glued it shut rather than repairing it, slammed the door making the window fall off the rail, and propped it up rather than repairing it.

I will NEVER return to this store and wouldn't advise anybody else go there either!


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