Ceders Sinai Medical Center - Cedars Sinai Medical Center/ER/Dr. Lin discarded sick people to the street!

Posted on Monday, August 19th, 2013 at 3:50pm CDT by mr. t.

Product: Emergency Room/DR Lin

Company: Ceders Sinai Medical Center

Location: 8700 Beverly Blvd,

URL: www.cedars-sinai.edu

Category: Health, Beauty

I was wrongfully discharged on 8/14/13 after 2 hours at Cedars Sinai Medical Center/ER/Dr. Lin even I have a list of symtoms, fever, double vision, breathing, high blood pressure, rectal bleeding, rash plus my terminal illness. They sent me home with no medications & no admitting to hospital saying that I have to go to my other medical clinic. While I was there I also witnessed how they treated this frail elderly man on his wheel chair, groaning in pain, move around in circles, hit his own head with a cain, and NOT one soul helps him, no security guards, no volunteers, no nurses, no workers. He was like 90, he should have first priority. You can ask for a videotape of that morning 9am to noon. What good to have Affordable Care/any insurance if "Celebs/Elite previlege CSMC" wont treat or admit you? CSMC needs to change this inhumane & unethical practice. Once that happens insurance will be perfect. Please help the elderly & terminal illness if you are agencies or lawyers or media please investigate. CSMC was built on donations so they need to give it back to all people, not just the celebs/elite people. Please Help!America will thank you.


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