Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd - Warranty is useless

Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 3:59am CDT by df2e673c

Product: Multimaster Australia, Quality Furniture Care Products

Company: Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd

Location: Kirrawee Business Centre 12/398 The Boulevarde Kirrawee NSW 2232


Category: Products, Services

Multimaster wont pay up. I have a 5 year warranty for accidental damage to new leather furniture. The warranty cost me $300 but Multimaster have come up with a creative way of getting out of paying by calling it 'wear and tear.' I show friends the damage and explain what happened. They unanimously recognise it as accidental damage. Not so for Multimaster assessors and management who seem to have made a special Multimaster definition. I had read the brochures and would never have imagined their special definitions, combined with terms and conditions could make the warrranty useless until I made my claim. I would never have bought the warranty if I had had been given some examples of unsuccessful claims. I would have laughed my head off and walked away. Pity reputable companies like Harvey Norman don't sell the product with such examples! Maybe I'll offer pictures and the decline letter from Multimaster Australia to hand out to customers with the brochures. Maybe all furniture insurance is like that? I'll never buy any again!


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