Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 12:50pm CDT by Alex S.

Product: Bulk Overstock Shipment

Company: Genco Marketplace

Location: 100 Papercraft Park
PIITSBURGH, PA, 15238-3200, US


Category: Stores, Shopping

WARNING- BUYER BEWARE Deal with them at your own risk ...

On June 21st, 2013, I purchased a load from Genco Marketplace. It was sold to me as an Overstock load (not returns or salvage). I paid $20,000 USD for it the same day it was ordered, it cost me another $8,000 with shipping, duties, taxes, etc. Genco had various minor issues finding the payment and pushed to have the load picked up before they closed their Ohio facility. No big deal.

The shipment of 19 skids arrived at my shop On July 15th, 2013 and I immediately noticed it was in very bad shape. Most of the skids looked as if a dinosaur had eaten them ( I have many pics), and many were mangled and bent beyond salvage. I notified Genco the following day July 16th. At that point, I was unaware of the worst part, which I shortly discovered after inspecting and cataloguing the load.

After inspection, it became very clear that I was either being scammed or Genco had made a huge error somewhere. I was missing 75% of the items I had purchased. Of the 25% that did arrive, only half was salvageable. This is a serious issue that a reputable company would want to look into asap. Not so for Genco. I informed my sales rep (Ray Gallagher) at Genco Marketplace on July 19th via phone message and email and received no response.

On July 22nd we completed inspecting the last few skids and our suspicions of having been shortchanged were confirmed. At this point I checked our Bill of Lading and found that the shipment was actually short 4,000lbs (of 13,500lbs). I immediately sent a follow-up email to my sales rep. He requested a list of what was missing and damaged. On July 23rd we sent him a complete list of damaged and missing items with a summary and pictures. No response was received.

On July 25th, we sent another follow-up email requesting an update. No response. July 26th, I decided to go above my sales rep and phoned their customer support and spoke with a lady by the name of Carol. I passed on all the info and was promised a response. None was received, so I followed up with an email addressed to both customer support and my sales rep. No responses received.

I phoned again to customer support and was passed on to Vince Curtain, Director of Sales, and left him a voicemail explaining the situation. I received a brief voicemail the following day explaining that the ?alledged issue? was under review. I called back several times and left him a voicemail to please contact me, no response. I finally got ahold of my sales rep by phone (same day I filed a BBB complaint, hmm). He assured me they wanted to keep doing business with me and that they would review the issue. I asked what sort of timeline I could expect for a response, and was told he was not sure. At this point I was becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of interest in the problem, and that they were ignoring the majority of my emails and calls, and that I had been given no explanation or timeline for a response to my inquiries.

I finally had my lawyer draft a letter, which did get a response from Vince saying only that they had upheld their portion of the communication, and that the issue was under review. I also filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, and received the same one line response ?the issue is under review?. What did this review entail? When would it provide me and answer? More importantly, what were they going to do about selling me a product and not delivering it?

It is now August 8th, almost a month since I first reported the issue. NO ONE has contacted me for additional information. NO ONE has taken the initiative to discover what has gone wrong. NO ONE has made any effort whatsoever to rectify the problem, except to infrequently answer my calls/emails when pressed by my lawyer or the Better Business Bureau. I still have no direction at all on what they are doing about it or when I will have an answer. Either they have intentionally scammed me, or are completely unconcerned with the fact that they have not provided me the goods I ordered. Both are signs of a company no sane business person should deal with. Conclusion: AVOID GENCO MAKETPLACE ...


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