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Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 2:09pm CDT by 7a0e12ff

Product: Adobe Technical Support

Company: Adobe Corporation

Location: 345 Park Avenue
SAN JOSE, CA, 95110, US

Category: Other

Adobe's Technical Support for Acrobat, Dreamweaver, and Lightroom is very poor! (I haven't tried Support for their other products, so I don't know what they are alike, but I presume it is the same.) Today, I drove to a location for a callback. The callback never came. This is the second time in two days that this has occurred. (I was told that they called another number but I had plainly told them the correct number and even put it in emails.

I ended up calling Support five times today and was transferred twice to the incorrect department. The last time I called, I was transferred to a first level Support person instead of a second level. This person didn?t know how to do what I thought should be a simple thing so he told me he had to research it. Since I was expecting a callback approximately three hours earlier and still nothing had been resolved, I did NOT want to wait much longer as I had other things I needed to do. So after waiting a while on hold for a little while, I disconnected the call.

There was an Acrobat Pro install issue recently that took almost two weeks to resolve. The reason why it took so long was that the first person that tried to help did not resolve it in one week?s time (It appears he dropped it) so I called Support again. Acrobat Pro was downloaded perhaps eight times during the process, so that alone took some time. I requested a case number be sent to me perhaps three times so I could reference it when talking to Support. It was finally emailed me on the day Acrobat was finally installed.

Also, the Support person who finally installed Acrobat told me he would send me contact info, so I could set up a callback for the following day. He didn?t send me any contact info, so I couldn?t contact him directly. I had to go through another Support person, which made setting up a time for a callback difficult and frustrating.

Another issue is the long hold times. Yesterday, the automated phone system said that the estimated hold time was 6 to 9 minutes. After waiting 17 minutes, I hung up. Also, when you use the automated callback feature, it may not call you back as it says it will.

Concerning Dreamweaver, there was a tutorial issue, that never was resolved.

When I first tried to install the Creative Cloud app, I couldn?t, on a computer running Windows 8. Even Adobe Support couldn?t get it to work. So after paying for a CC Subscription, I couldn?t make use of it. Support finally emailed me about it one week later. Eventually, I tried reinstalling it, and it finally worked, so it appears that they finally fixed whatever was causing the install problem.

I called the Corporate Office recently to try to provide feedback concerning the poor support issues I have had to upper level management but the receptionist could not transfer me to upper level management. Instead she transferred me to Customer Service. We spoke awhile, repeating what I said to the receptionist and I was told that he would transfer me to Lightroom Support. Before he did, I requested that he or the Lightroom Support person call back. This is because the corporate office phone number is not toll free and the Support phone number is and I was using up the cell phone minutes. He had the correct number in the records and said they would call back soon, I understood. I waited, and waited but so far, I have not received a callback a day later. I called the Corporate office several more times about the poor Support I have been getting and was left on hold. While I was speaking to a receptionist I finally received a phone call from a third level Support person in the United States! Normally, I get someone in India. I will try to follow the Support persons instructions to resolve one Lightroom issue at another computer I have and wait for her to research some other issues.

The interesting thing about these issues, is that Adobe management doesn't seem to care! Because of the significant problems with Support, I cannot recommend Adobe products.


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