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Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 at 1:51pm CDT by 14d334bc

Product: on-line dresses

Company: dressescanadasale.net (or similar names)

Location: Shipping address was from Dian Jing Network Technology Co LTD Zhang Xiaoqing, Room 103, Unit 2 B02 Building, No 55 Lonpan Road

URL: www.dressescanadasale.net

Category: Online Shopping

I would like to bring to your kind attention the existence of a major fraudulent company under the fake name of SeaMaple (HK) Limited who claims that it fully owns numerous online "though scam" business such as dressescanadasale.net, dressesonlinesales.co.uk, weddingstoresale.co.uk just to mention a few.

New sites pop up every time a complaint is produced for an older site

New sites bear same look and feel

Now having said that, please bear in mind that this fake company, it will change own name in no time once this is on line, has been draining money from honest people as far as Canada, US, UK, NZ and has been hurting the Chinese online garment industry (those real honest authentic online companies) at a cost to this industry that may reach billions in lost revenues since the behaviour of the said company has shadowed doubt on customers across the globe to trust purchasing any online garment, let alone from China.

I ordered a dress and it came defective

I wasted my time trying to return it; without avail.

The Dress was a Joke

Now I learned.

FYI for now:

Product shipment address of this company is traced to

Dian Jing Network Technology Co LTD Zhang Xiaoqing, Room 103, Unit 2 B02 Building, No 55 Lonpan Road,

Xuanwu District

Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 210037


emails is

[email protected]

tel = 008 62 58 54 39 449

The name of the agent is Vivian !

she says call me Vivi

Chinese name is "hongliwei"

All are Fake no doubt

The first email you get is written in "good" English

then the next emails are written in very bad English

So it is the Boss that writes the 1st email in good English since s/he is trying to get the sale and your $

and then once He/She has your $ they send your case to "a basement" unit in China

they call themselves CS-001, CS-002 etc CS = Customer Service, I think!

those poor CSs can not write good english and I feel sorry for them since they have no other option

They may not even know that they are working for a scam company

You could test it by sending them own personal/fake email requesting to purchase a garment; as see what they say.

The company sells online dresses but ships defective ones and refuses to refund clients. It also places fraudulent links on its websites including being part of BBB (Better Business Bureau) of North America. For exampel please see


They use paypal and visa through 3rd party billing systems

such as

[email protected]

cbpay* www.earringsinc. com

[email protected]

So be ware of all

They use DHL and also place many major brand logos such as VISA, BBB, facebook (somtimes Facebook links to other sites, if the link works) and many more major brand logos on their website to indicate that they are offical!

please distribute this to all other similar sites like this great site here (a version of this same issue is on Ripoff Report)



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