GO New York Tours - Poor service, poor tour, use another bus tour in NYC

Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 10:11am CDT by Eric G.

Company: GO New York Tours

Location: NEW YORK, NY, US

URL: www.gonytours.com

Category: Travel, Vacations

Purchased tour tickets for myself and 6 year old daughter. Was informed by ticket agent that the ticket we were purchasing was good for all of the tour buses (even other companies?) that "they are all owned by the same company". This became clearly not true as we were not allowed on other buses. After purchasing our ticket for the GONY Tours bus we waited over an hour for a shuttle bus to take us to Times Square. At Times Square we then waited another 45 minutes for the actual tour bus. We took the bus (there was a "tour guide" shouting NYC highlights from the top of the bus as they did not have a functional microphone or speaker system) to China Town and exited for lunch. When we returned from lunch back to the tour bus stop we then waited another hour for a GONY Tour bus to arrive. Meanwhile, at least 20 buses from the other bus tour companies came and went (the other bus tour companies our original sales person told us we could ride with our ticket). So far I have spent 2 hours and 45 minutes WAITING for buses. Finally a bus arrives, but there is no room on the top deck, so my daughter and I had to sit on the bottom of the bus which had no air conditioning. On this day in NYC (July 15, 2013) it happened to be approximately 98 degrees. Meanwhile, this bus did have a functional speaker system so that we could listen to the rude tour guide yelling and shouting tour highlights and even using obscenities. I had enough. We got off at the next stop and took a taxi back to our hotel. I spent $54 and went from Times Square to near World Trade Center. I spent more time waiting for a bus then actually riding on the bus. We wasted hours of our day, plus had to listen to an obscenity laden tour. When I returned to my hotel I called GONY Tours and was told by a manager named Stefan that I would be given a refund. I had to email customer service and send them a copy of my receipt and explain the situation. However, customer service has refused to provide a refund as they claim the "no refund" information on my receipt is sufficient excuse. I continue to email customer service (GONY Tours will not allow you to speak with someone other than dispatchers) and receive no return communication. GONY Tours did offer me a free bus tour, which I cannot or will not use. I see no reason to ride their bus tours ever again, especially listening to rude tour guides that curse in front of small children.


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141e84c9, 2013-08-19, 10:04PM CDT

Just had the EXACT same experience. Only my family never even made it on a bus. We're hoping to get a refund, but aren't expecting much. It's a shame that these people are still in business.

a14da1a6, 2013-09-18, 11:11AM CDT

We had the same experience. We charged our tickets on credit card and are disputing it with discover card's help. They are horrible and deceitful!

Jane D., 2013-10-15, 07:53AM CDT

The best is to dispute it with your credit card company if you purchased online. Just pretend you think your card was cloned and used without your knowledge. That's the best way to get the money back.

The email, the phone, all of that is answered by the same kids who run that business. One of the salesmen told me the whole thing was a scam and that all the buses belonged to the same company; you will never get a refund from them and the boss/owner is a ghost; good luck tracking him down.

One other thing, if possible file a complaint at the BBB: http://newyork.bbb.org/Business-Complaints/

Infernal M., 2014-01-19, 11:08PM CST

Go New York Tours is run by ASK Standard Transit Corp. owned by "A"sen "S"asha "K"ostadinov, see link below:


They also own Bike Rental Central Park:


Any and ALL Complaints should be directed through NYC Department of Consumer Affairs here:


Bob, 2014-06-25, 10:18PM CDT

AS of 6-2014 Service by Go NYtours is still terrible. Speaker systems that do not work, bus drivers who stop to use bathroom facilities and buy pizza in the middle of a tour, tour guides who flirt with a group of young ladies instead of providing information. Alternate language audio systems did not work on at least half the buses. Advertising film on windows obstructed visibility from lower lever. Late and delayed buses. Most of the staff was nonchalant to questions. Customer service (on phone) was just as bad. When asked if I could speak to someone the reply was out right NO. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

eric b., 2014-08-10, 06:19AM CDT

the company is a rip-off be smart an go to any other tour bus co. the whole company is a scandal. how do i know?i worked for them an was a driver so take it from me.dont waste your time or money.

Maria C., 2014-08-26, 04:03PM CDT

the WORST company to work for!!! "K"ostadinov and his wife run the business and do not care about anything but MONEY.

Dear customers of go ny tours, please, fight for your money if they stole it from you!! File the complaints with NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and better business bureau. Don't be silent and protect your right as a consumer!!!

Allan S., 2014-10-12, 11:56PM CDT

All I have to say Thanx for letting my tour over rised and better my self. Practice But cut me short cause This company has a person that this like me since day 1. He got what he always want and he did it. Margie you are a evil guy. Lie and do anything to get me out. Yes they will believe you cause a dog listen make other believe. You could get me terminated but u never put me away. 1 person talk and they all believe. Its ok. Most of all I know and the ppl I work with knows. That I'm good with everyone and they all like working with me. You got what u want To get me out and u did it. The company Brannon they under your spell. Only one person and they all believe it. I just take this as a lesson. I got framed I take it as a practice. They believe you cause Margie you are their dog. Now I'm out and my tour got better and getting better every moment. This company is messed up. Believe some one about things I didn't do. But what ever this underling say is nothing. You see its not the end. You so evil. You did it what u always want. One person could make things happen listen make to one person lie.

fb94c1fc, 2015-07-20, 01:57PM CDT

We took your green bus tour on Saturday july18 in Manhattan. We were very dissatisfied with it and would like a refund. The bus was overcrowded, we could not sit outside, had to sit in non air conditioning for 1 hour. Did not want to get off since there was no guarantee we would get on another bus at that time of day. Also the headphones did not work so we heard nothing. It was our grandsons first visit to the city and it was not pleasant. Please email me back. This complaint will be forwarded to the state to consumer affairs.

fb7e6797, 2015-09-08, 08:12AM CDT

We will never go with this "company" again. They lie and are the biggest rip off I have ever seen. Rude, discourteous and thieves, they may be cheaper than some of the others but there's a reason for that, because you don't get half of what they tell you that you will.

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