Indian Valley Bikeworks

Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 10:58am CDT by Eric G.

Company: Indian Valley Bikeworks

Location: 500 Main Street


Category: Sports, Recreation

Yes, this happened years ago, but it still rips me apart to know how badly they screwed me. I left my bike there for a routine maintenance. The bike was from Performance Bicycles and I paid well over $800 for it brand new. At the time I dropped the bike off for service I was living in Upstate New York but had come back home to Harleysville to pick up more belongings from my parents house.

They called me when my bike was completed and I informed them I would be back home in about two weeks to come get it as I was living 5 hours away. Well in two weeks a few things came up and I couldnt make it back. I called the store and informed them that it would be at least another two weeks before I could come pick it up. 7 weeks after they first called me I was able to finally make the drive back to Harleysville. When I came to the store to pick up my bike noone could locate it. Then after about 15 minutes I was informed that my bike was part of a batch of "used" bikes they had sold (mostly bikes that werent picked up in a timely manner). Noone there claimed to recall any conversations with me regarding my delay in getting back to get the bike. Had someone at the store told me it was going to be a problem to leave my bike there I could have had my parents or a friend come and get the bike, but every phone call I made I was told it wouldnt be a problem.

Years later I even visted there to take my daughter shopping for a bike, hoping they would find a way to make good on the issue and they never did. I take all my bicycle business elsewhere and advise that you do as well.


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