Budget Golf - Their mistake but the consumer pays the price

Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 10:15am CDT by Don H.

Product: Golf Apparel

Company: Budget Golf

Location: 1508 Essington Rd
JOLIET, IL, 60435, US

URL: www.budgetgolf.com

Category: Online Shopping

www.budgetgolf.com is a company that will advertise one price and then try to stick you with another! I had purchased some golf shoes from their site. 2 days later after they had processed my payment and sent me a confirmation number, they called. They informed me that they would not honor the price advertised on their website because it was a mistake. They wanted over $100 more for the shoes than previously advertised. Their solution to fix the problem was giving me a 10% discount. I told them that this was not a suitable solution. I wanted the shoes shipped to me at the advertised price. Any reputable company would stand behind their price whether it was a mistake or not. They refused to honor the advertised price. I had purchased other golf apparel from this company before with no problem. The true measure of a company's dedication to customer service isn't when everything is going smooth. It's when a hickup occurs and they fix it. I will do business with companies that put customers first. Obviously Budget Golf is not one of those companies.

Don House


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