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Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 1:03pm CDT by Esmer (Selena) R.

Product: Jewelry/Accessories

Company: Country Road

Location: 1225 W. College Ave. Suite #610


Category: Jewelry, Watches

I ordered from this company at the end of June 2013 and received an email from them on July 3rd that the order had been complete and shipped with a USPS Tracking Number. Days went by and I decided to look in to the tracking number because had been more than 9 days and still hadn't received the package eventhough I also live in texas where they are located. Anyways, I finally received my package almost 15 days later and they had notified me that not all items were available so instead of my total being a little over $300 it was going to be $55 less. I figured that they would reimburse me for the extra amount they charged me on my card. I emailed them on July 19th asking if I was going to receive reimbursment or if they were going to ship the backorder items. I did not receive a response so I emailed them again on July 22nd (you have to email because they do not answer the phone and their mailbox is full). Finally they answer back on that same day and said that they woudl give it to the person that took care of reimbursments. July 27th I emailed them asking for the status of the reimbursment. I have not heard from the as of today so I emailed them again today and tried calling but of course they do not answer the phone. I did let them know that I have not received reimbursment and have not heard from them and that I would be filing this complaint so that others would not fall under the same problem.

I have alaways ordered online and had never had problems like this.


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2c55933a, 2013-10-11, 12:06AM CDT


I had the exact same experience with these people. Their phone is disconnected, they have charged my credit card and have not sent me a replacement for the bag that they said was out of stock. The company is a scam. The only thing left to do is file a complaint with the Dallas Texas BBB.

Esmer (Selena) R., 2013-10-20, 09:02PM CDT

You are right, we should both send in the complaint so others will know that they are a scam.

MammaMia 1., 2013-10-30, 10:51PM CDT

I ordered a handbag and hat on Sept.15 2013, it is now Oct.30, no package has arrived! I emailed them 5 times, not a single reply. I called & the mssg says to email them! I am filing a complaint, they charged my credit card & I received nothing. I'm wondering why there aren't more complaints here for this site.

Teri Williams, 2013-11-28, 08:46PM CST

I have 2 orders never received, charged my Credit Card for over $120.00. I have ordered before from them and never had a problem, until now, My order for was placed in Oct for Christmas, I have NOTHING, Has anyone filed a complaint to the BBB? I dont know what is going on with this place, but I do know I got screwed and they stole my money.

MammaMia 1., 2013-11-28, 10:57PM CST

I had put my order in on September 15, & it just showed up TODAY. The funny thing is this: I had charged it on Visa & called my bank to complain just over a week ago. They said that is the best thing to do, & that they will refund my credit card which will take a month, & will contact that website's bank, to make the complaint. Here it is: I also had another complaint about my credit card, that about 2 weeks ago, I noticed a charge on my card that was J. Franklin Group for $70. I didn't recognize it. When I googled it, it showed a cardiologist that is located in Coppell, Texas. I live in Windsor, Ontario, & certainly did not make a charge there! So GUESS WHAT?? I made a complaint about it & they said they will look into it. Today when I received my hat & bag from, guess what the return address said?? COPPELL, TEXAS. They HAD TO have stolen my credit card # & charged something on it. What a coincidence!! So I am going into my bank this Saturday to let them know of this because I want my $70 back! & btw I had to get a new credit card, & I suggest you guys do the same. They need to be caught. Yes I got my stuff but how strange it arrived AFTER my bank contacted theirs. & too much of a coincidence that an unknown charge came up from

the same location. How is it they are still in business??!

Teri Williams, 2013-11-29, 06:17AM CST

I am very upset in regards to my order, this was my Moms Christmas gift, here I am thinking yay, I have my moms gift done, NOT. I am not finished with this company yet, My husband and I are on a mission to find out what can be done, and I do plan on contacting the BBB. This company is STEALING, they took my money, but I have nothing. I emailed them at least 2 or 3 times a day, and get NO RESPONSE, this company either needs to step up to the plate and act like a company and be honest or refund our money back, I am sorry I keep commenting, but Hey we all work to hard for our money for some company to do this to all of us. I am pretty upset and this is not over yet with them.

MammaMia 1., 2013-11-29, 10:22PM CST

Sorry to hear that...I understand, I'm not happy either, but when I talked with my bank, they said that reporting them to BBB probably won't help-for an online store-it's best to contact your bank & let them know-so they will contact the website's bank. I can't believe they stole my card# and made a purchase! It's so frustrating that this site is still up.

dba303d3, 2013-12-13, 10:23PM CST

We are posting a complaint through our bank tonight. They took our order for $50.53 3 days ago. And the same story above..We get a order saying order cancelled. No reply as to whats next.. weve e-mailed and get no reply. The customer service number has this voice of a really irritated lady saying they are so busy and really tired of the phone calls and to please just email... some customer service ?? Anyways we read the above and will be changing our credit card number immediately...

09928947, 2013-12-17, 04:01PM CST

Here is a phone number that showed on the credit transaction on my credit card statement for this company. I called it and it does ring through. I did get voice mail but this mail box is not full. It's worth a try 972-745-3736.

I also encourage y'all to dispute the charges with your credit card companies. Mine just credited me the amount and they are going after this company for their money.

ff0e16de, 2013-12-20, 06:11PM CST

I just had the same thing happen to me. Order a purse and wallet for my niece for Christmas and I still have nothing. Order it on the 10 of December. I have a tracking number. And it's now saying it's in ND. I called my bank cancel my card and their filing a despute against the company so their at least trying to get my money back. If not I'm thinking of a class action lawsuit! !

783933dd, 2013-12-26, 05:33PM CST

I was charged for a Christmas gift that I never received!! These people are impossible to contact. I will not buy from them again. I will let my bank take care of the refund . I even faxed them and got no reply . They don't answer their phone and I emailed daily if not more

2cc5b997, 2014-06-02, 10:09AM CDT

I ordered a pair of flip flops from this and they were defective. I returned them and never heard anything. No refund, no pair of flip flops. I would never recommend these people to anyone!

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