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Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 2:02pm CDT by Martin B.

Company: 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Location: 10375 E. Harvard Ave. Suite 100 Denver, CO 80231-3966
DENVER, CO, 80231, US

URL: www.secure.2-10.com/Homeowner

Category: Products, Services

Purchased homeowners warranty through 2-10 HBW at time of closing one year ago. Called to have service on my A/C a month ago, got run around because the contractor they assigned could not get out to service my unit for a week. Called 2-10 and they said they could not reassign work the order to some one else because they had the contractors on rotation and the one that got the assignment would have to do the work and I had to wait.

Waited for that contractor to come out and first thing he said was that he could not work on my system because it was "geothermal".

2-10 finally reassigned to another company (EA Air Conditioning of Wilmington, NC) They came out a day later and said my unit needed freon. They added freon and left, two days later had same problem they had to come out again and added freon and left. A week later they had to come out again , this time they said they couldn't figure out the problem and left. Had to call in 2-10 again they said the old contractor had to finish the repairs but wouldn't because of the way 2-10 paid them.

Finally, they assigned the work order to another AC company. However, because I had another AC unit on the third floor they would not classify it as an emergency. (although we had 85+ degrees with 70% humidity). I had to wait again. I spoke to manager and claims specialist with each one telling me a different story as to why they had no control over the contractors and how it was not a priority in their scheme of processing claims to NC my state and others did not classify as urgent because of the yearly weather.

I have waited over a week with a down system in now over 90 degree weather with over 70% humidity and still have no service or help from 2-10 HBW. I threatened to write the president of the company and finally had a manager who seemed to care call and assure me that he would stay on top of my case. He assured me that he had some competent people working for him.

The contractor came out last Wednesday and deemed that the compressor was out. 2-10 in their infinite wisdom decided they would subcontract the part in order to save money rather than having the contractor purchase it locally.

They couldn't find the part in their system, yet they still would not let the contractor purchase it locally.

They found the part on Thursday and their manager assured me (2-10's manager) that it was going to be to the contractor on Friday. I contacted the contractor to find out he never received it. I called 2-10 again to find out that the supplier had gotten the wrong info from 2-10 and was waiting on them to contact him before shipping out. Had I not called it would still be sitting there.

Monday afternoon, still no part and no service. 2-10 has not responded to me or the contractor with part info. Contractor is willing to install it if they can get.

I called 2-10 again to let us know shipping info so we can trace it. More lies and run arounds.

Anyone looking to buy a home warranty don't buy from 2-10 there are others like American Home Shield and others that cannot be as incompetent and have to have better customer service than this company.

I will bet that in this economy with their "can care less" attitude will be out of business soon. Customers can only hope. *** DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HOME BUYERS WARRANTY **** FOR YOUR OWN SAKE AND PEACE OF MIND.

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Business Reply  Tiffany H., 2013-08-16, 03:11PM CDT

Thank you for making us aware of your customer service issue and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. I would like to have this sent to our Office of the President and have your claim looked into further. Would you mind emailing your account information? [email protected]

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